Hackers plant fake news story on Tory website

Hoax news story said PM hospitalized after choking on hash brown


Hackers planted a bogus news story on the Conservative Party’s website that said Prime Minister Stephen Harper was rushed to hospital on Tuesday morning after chocking on a hash brown at breakfast. “Clearly somebody hacked our website,” spokesperson Dimitri Soudas told the CBC. “The prime minister actually took his daughter to school this morning.” The fake news quickly made an impact on Twitter and had people talking in Ottawa. The story said Harper choked during breakfast with his family, and that his wife, Laureen, called 911. It also said that a member of his security staff administered first aid before he was airlifted to a hospital in Toronto. Soudas said the prime minister is doing fine and that he is in Ottawa on Tuesday morning.

CBC News

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Hackers plant fake news story on Tory website

  1. Well had it been ME hacking I would have added a touch of “Harper was airlifted to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY” just for effect.

    • Well, with the state of Canadian healthcare, people might have believed that to be true….

      • Believe me brother, it is NOT any better down here. Long waits in emergency, long waits for procedures PLUS I get to pay $1500/mo in insurance premiums. 

    • I would’ve added the letters i-e-s to the word “brown”, but that would’ve been too obviously fake.

  2. What a buncha jerks. First of all, we all know it would have been a donut, a Tim Horton’s donut, that he choked on. And second, how would Laureen have been there to call 911 when she lives somewhere else?

    • Are these the same hackers that planted the story about Jack Layton being found nude during a police bust on a massage parlor…oh wait….that story wasn’t planted.

      • Jack Layton nude and Stephen Harper choking while Laureen is out of the home…

        Stop trying to spread crazy rumours Craig and Insider. Just stop.

        • Pssst….did you hear about Ottawa Centrist?

          • I cannot confirm or deny that I have heard about him, his actions, or the veracity of alleged actions.

            Why do you hate the troops?

      • Not planted, just dredged up long after it could be considered meaningful or important in a feeble attempt at smearing the man.

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