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Haiti aid effort was disorganized

Conflicting priorities hampered response to devastating earthquake


A post-mission report on Canada’s relief effort in Haiti shows that members of the Disaster Assistance Response Team, or DART, were sent to the Caribbean nation without adequate gear, protection, or training. The report also revealed that members of the media were allowed to board military flights headed for earthquake-ravaged Haiti ahead of medical aid. Much of this was due to the fact that many groups were involved in the relief effort, and priorities were constantly changing and conflicting. The document also suggests the political imperative of appearing to help Haiti confused certain responses. “In many cases critical DART stores were bumped from flights altogether,” the report says. “The push to deploy rapidly may have satisfied the strategic objective of appearance that Canada was doing something. However, it adversely affected the operational objective of providing rapid and effective humanitarian aid.”

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Haiti aid effort was disorganized

  1. Well, why should Canadians be surprised. Harper was facing heat for prorogation. Dropping in the polls like a stone. So, when the Haiti tragedy occurred, our Prime Minister, this "man", applied his usual political agenda. Like everything else this "leader" of ours touches, it turns into an operational debacle or a nightmare (G20, Parliamentary Crisis of 2008) but our 'prime minister' places his electioneering and his political "job" above and ahead of everything else. Canadians should think of the lives that could of been saved in Haiti had out people arrived a little later, yet could have moved quickly and efficiently. Had this slug of a politician we call our PM had not interfered and pushed our DART people for political appearances. For photo-ops. To justify the purchase of big cargo planes (though no excuses were needed their) and to constantly point out the Liberal has did a horrible job on the Tsunami. Right. We Canadians, proud of our ability to be first responders and to make a difference, were hamstrung by a PMO more interest in the polls than saving lives. Of course this story will go away. Much like the fact that Harper still has yet to give Haiti the money the Canadian government promised to match by donations made by so many generous Canadians. This "prime minister", this "man". this electioneering slug is not worth the trust of the Canadian people.

    • Boo Hoo – to both Globe & Mail & mr. won't be fooled again.
      One part of the article says that DART weren't prepared & ready, then later says media was allowed on ahead of aid workers. Like, which came first chicken or egg (media frenzy or help attracted by media frenzy)
      Maybe more lives would have also been saved had Haitians used previously sent aid money to build stronger buildings. And maybe a little birth control to keep the numbers down?

    • You have to be kidding me. When pictures of people dying are on all the tv screens, you really think that politics got in. From your argument, no one in this country has ethics and they are all waiting after the PMO's word. You have changed my life for ever. Can I get a card for you political party? Where can I get one? Do you think that the guy who sold you crack today has some?

      • When it comes to Stephen Harper, you are being extremely naive. Haven't you notice everything this "man" touches turns into a cluster f#@k crisis.

    • Won't, you belive Izvestia they have Harper Derangement Syndome as a religion!!

  2. gee, why don't you tell us how you really feel?

    • Aah another smug Canadian. No doubt by your taxpayer999 you feel your taxes pay for everything that walks and breathes in this country, Speak otherwise go back to your smirk in some dark place you call democracy.

      • Here I am, smirking in democracy. Thanks for the explanation of the 'nom de plume' I have been using for some years now. As with your attack on the Prime Minister, I would never had known had it not been for your comments, wrong though they are.

  3. …and you notice that the mainstream media almost never mentions the "H" word now that the earthquake is ancient history…at least according to those that feed us our news…


  4. Unfortunately it doesn't really matter – Haiti was a mess before the earthquake and will continue to be. Haitians hate each other and refuse to work together to improve their situation.

  5. Harper is a sleazy power hungry dictator. Is anyone surprised he placed more importance on appearing to do something in lieu of actually putting all his effort in actually helping.

  6. The Globe and Mail article is very short on details–for example, who prepared the post mission report. Journalists aren't what they used to be.

  7. But-but-but-but Kenney said at the time, the DART Team response reaction was perfect vs the LIberal handling the tsumani or other relief efforts. I saw him say it and everything……..