Photo gallery: Disaster strikes in Port-au-Prince -

Photo gallery: Disaster strikes in Port-au-Prince

A powerful earthquake reduces much of the Haitian capital to rubble



Photo gallery: Disaster strikes in Port-au-Prince

  1. Although I and others have requested help from Ottawa on behave of all Canadians in what may appear in words that are neither politically correct or even polite we are pleased to here action is being taken and we can only hope for more, much more. Our PM may say the Internet (Facebook) and these sites are not read or of importance but we know better. Say tuned Ottawa Canadians will continue to speak up and out. We now can only hope you and your elected friends show up for work where our concerns are heard in our H of C so we can get straight answers and leadership.

  2. Powerful images, I cant belive they wree 'just' getting some order in their lives, albeit slim compared to ours.Now this, powerful images indeed.

  3. Checking the polls 44% of Canadians stated they would not give cash to help out, to-day 89% stated they are satisfied with Canada's response. Our PM will not send any aid money until Canadians dip into their funds first. South of Border President Obama has put no restrictions on aid and was quick off the mark …. a very sharp contrast. On the other hand their government shows up for work … perhaps that is the difference.


  5. I have skills and want to fly to Haiti and help, how and where do I go to get info on this…..can anyone send me in the right direction. I do not care if I am comforting souls, moving dead bodies, helping with medical, giving out food, helping at orphanages, whatever it takes. Just tell me how do I get there………………………..

  6. We just started to donate 1$ from each purchase to Haiti quake survivors.
    Thanks to all good people.

  7. Great captures. Thanks for sharing this images with us.