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Hakimullah Mehsud vows attacks on American cities

New internet video reveals Pakistani militant leader thought to be dead


Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud, thought to have been killed in an American drone strike in January, is alive and well. Mehsud has appeared on a new Internet video vowing to attack American cities. U.S. and Pakistani officials said they were certain he had been killed in January, though Pakistani intelligence agents last week said they had been mistaken and that Mehsud survived the attack. This latest video, filmed in April and released today, proves that he did.

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Hakimullah Mehsud vows attacks on American cities

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  3. Does no one care that the US took images FROM SPACE of a guy getting a massage on a rooftop, sent in a drone from a thousand miles away by remote control and wiped out 3 woman and man who were "the wrong ones"? Remember when state sponsored assassination and torture were wrong? What is wrong with this picture? Examine your hearts and you will see you & the people that represent you have gone to the dark side. Or do you justify this inside yourself because of the geographical location ? (ie: they were in the wrong place) or because or race or culture or religion (they were possibly/likely/perhaps with bad people)? Ask yourself. Go on – ask.

  4. Notice also how the news post says that 'he survived' yet there is no admission that he was 'not there' or they killed the wrong people or even that 3 people died – the house (from a 500 lbs of high explosive) would have been completely destroyed along with anyone in it (much less "on the roof"). Obviously he survived because he wasn't there and the intelligence (duh – from a satellite of a muslim guy lying down on a massage table) was wrong? Friggin' propaganda the way it's worded.

  5. Sorry McLeans – when I said "you and the people who represent you" I was referring to the US – not Canada. I don't think a Canadian leader would approve a drone asassination strike based on a sattelite image by video remote control without a human eye on the target. My name is Lloyd and I live in Edmonton – not anonymous.

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