Half of all college grads work in a jobs that don’t require degrees: study


Hate your job? Here, probably, is the answer why. Nearly half of all college grads, or 48 per cent, work in jobs that don’t require a degree, says a new U.S. study. Thirty-seven per cent have jobs that require only a high school diploma. Economists at Ohio University say the ranks of over-educated workers are growing fast, too. In 1970, one per cent of college grads drove taxis, compared to 15 per cent in 2010. Underemployment “is almost the new normal,” the study’s lead researcher told USA Today. Most depressing: it comes at a time when education costs are rising fast.

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Half of all college grads work in a jobs that don’t require degrees: study

  1. Because graduates were lured into taking useless college and university courses by their parents and guidance counselors in high school. I don’t know what can be done about that, but clearly the system (K-12 and post secondary) are not really interested in changing it because it continues to support their needs – more programs that produce nothing and highly paid professors and administrators.

  2. Do these studies ever break down the numbers by what type of degree the graduate has? I think a very interesting contrast would be to see the underemployment by say Arts degrees and engineering degrees. In my experience, too many students have been told to believe that a university degree, any university degree, will get them a good job. Those students then try to get the easiest degree possible, rather than the type that might actually find them employment.

    I just can’t imagine that 48% of Engineering students are working in jobs that don’t require a degree. I can’t say the same about English majors or Woman’s Studies majors.

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