Hamburg shuts down mosque frequented by 9/11 hijackers -

Hamburg shuts down mosque frequented by 9/11 hijackers

Members may have visited terrorist training camps last year


Citing evidence that the Taiba Mosque is still acting as a jihadist recruitment centre, police in the northern German city of Hamburg have shut it down indefinitely. The mosque was frequented by three of the September 11 hijackers, including ringleader Mohammed Atta. Twenty police officers searched the mosque early Tuesday morning while other officers recovered money from the bank accounts of certain members. A group of 10 men from the 45-member mosque are alleged to have traveled to Pakistan or Afghanistan last year to attend jihadist training camps, say German security officials. One member recently appeared in a German-language propaganda video encouraging Muslims to enlist in jihad. In March, four Islamic militants, including two ethnic-German converts, were jailed for planning a terrorist attack in Germany.

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Hamburg shuts down mosque frequented by 9/11 hijackers

  1. Great news. Since basically all terrorism in our world is being carried out by Muslims, all mosques should be monitored, and shut down if there are suspicious activities taking place.

    • The contents of Islamic tenet is the same in every mosque. The lion's share of Islamic texts deal with the kuffar/infidel. Under Shari'a, Muslims don't only have rules for themselves, they have harsher rules for us to keep us in line according to the view that we are worthy of contempt simply for being non-muslim.

  2. Deportation back to the uncivilized world would be the best thing for the 'parishioners' of this mosque, they have no legitimate business in a civilized country, this should be obvious to everyone because they keep saying they want to destroy civilized peoples but many in the West are not listening.

  3. The Reconquest begins!
    The muslim invaders were kicked out once and it can be done again. They have relied on fighting an enemy that was too PC to fight back. The current generation of Europeans and Americans don't give a dam about PC crap.

  4. Good news!!
    Hopefuly other countries will follow this example and start shuting down those tubes of hate.
    Can we have similar actions in US or Canada as well ?

  5. brainwashed people is a misnomer…these people are mentally troubled puppets filled and trained bombs just waiting to pull their fuses….sik and tired of their anger against anything west when it is a country they try to emulate!