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Hamid Karzai may shut down NATO offensive

Until elders are “happy,” Karzai promises the operation will not happen


Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has promised to delay or even cancel a major NATO offensive, in response to the frustration of tribal elders in Kandahar province. Last week, the president attended a shura of 1,500 tribal leaders and elders in Kandahar, attempting to rally support for a major NATO operation set to be carried out against the Taliban in the war-torn province this summer. Karzai was instead overwhelmed by complaints and accusations of corruption and misrule, and appeared to offer the group veto power. “Are you happy or unhappy for the operation to be carried out?” he asked. The elders shouted back: “We are not happy.” “Then until the time you say you are happy, the operation will not happen,” Karzai replied.

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Hamid Karzai may shut down NATO offensive

  1. Good for Hamid Karzai. The people of Afghanistan must be weary of spooked NATO troups scouring the countryside in their elaborate war equipment killing mosty innocent villagers. If the countless Countries now occupying Afghanistan had any morals they would be ashamed of themselves. They don't and they're not: they're Christians.

    • This comment is so offensive to our troops fighting for a democratic Afghanistan, where our governments want to have a stable Afghanistan where they can rule themselves (not occupy). I'm an atheist, but stating that innocent civilians sometimes get killed mostly due to the Taliban hiding behind innocent people, is completely and utterly moronic and has nothing to do with Christianity.

      I hope someday you will live in an oppressive state, and then realize how callous your out of touch, self-centred, Islamic-fundamentalist-apologetic sentiment really is.

      • how can we be fighting for a democratic Afghanistan but ignore the will of the locals? If we're fighting for democracy, we're fighting for its pitfalls as well.

        • Democracy isn't perfect, so we shouldn't fight for it?

          • And…..democracy is a process, always. Democracy is not something static as some delusionals (not you, MacCross) seem to suggest.

            Man, some people can be really ignorant. And we try to move forward? Wow, what an uphill battle,

          • FVerhoeven, point 1 -> I couldn't agree more. point 2 -> you are right!! I may have chosen a more diplomatic language, but your end result is correct. It is an uphill battle. Most of us were quite alright and happy having the Afghans fight the Russians. We couldn't care about their State when they left. When the Taliban came in we thought "huh.. maybe some stability .. but not worth my time to care". When they started doing crazy stuff, we batted a few eyes… but for the most part, didn't care. Then, 9/11 .. hrm…. maybe we should have cared?
            Comments such as those of Neil MacLean are very common. From their point of view -> logical. However, how many people study the history of that area? How many people would rather believe a ranter on youtube, then taking to time to read papers upon papers and peer-reviewed journals about social phenomena and/or the history of the Afghan people. Its easier to believe in a defeatist position then to be informed. Like a book I read in first year philosophy => amusing ourselves to death.
            Neil, I understand were you come from. I accept and fundamentally believe in your freedom to share you opinion. It is unfortunate that your opinion appears to be founded in fallacy and fear. However, it seems that these opinions, like yours, outweigh logic and from what I can tell, fact.
            It must be nice though, to be able to share your opinions, and head down to whatever grocery store or shopping centre you chose, without someone threatening your family with death if you shop at a specific store.

  2. And this is why there are 140 dead Canadians. BRING THEM ALL HOME. War is a way of making money for some and they are making alot of it now. Iraq, Afghanistan.