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Handwashing may not protect against H1N1: report

Conventional wisdom called into question


The debate about how to guard against the flu just got even muddier. According to an article in the online issue of the Canadian Medical Association, handwashing might not be as effective a prevention tool as previously thought. The article points to a 2007 report, which found no link between hand hygiene and protection from flu viruses. According to the report, our faith in handwashing is born out in several trials that tested a regimen of soapy water five times a day against the chances of catching respiratory illnesses. Though the trials found that handwashing worked, none tested for the transmission of viruses, of which the flu is one.

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Handwashing may not protect against H1N1: report

  1. Yet another scare tactic.

  2. The biggest non-story of the decade. Scare mongering at it's best. You are far more likely to be hit by lightning than die of the swine flu. I cannot believe the press is still whipping up the hysteria about this, and more astonishingly, some nitwits are buying into this crap. Meanwhile the real story, drug companies about to fleece the taxpayers of the world for a flu shot paid for by government , isn't even being talked about.

    • good analogy but i believe only seven people die of lightning strikes in canada per year .(according to answers dot com) .. however a few hundred will die from swine flu ..but a few thousand will die from car accidents…mostly because the driver is boozed or drugged up or on the cell