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Happy Black Friday, Americans


Dear Americans,

Thanks for all the football on television yesterday. It kept Feschuk busy, and gave me something to do other than watch Two and a Half Men reruns.

Have fun shopping today. I hope you don’t get trampled! Of course, if you’re really worried, you might want to consider just buying nothing.



P.S. Did you hear we got al-Jazeera?

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Happy Black Friday, Americans

  1. "Did you hear we got al-Jazeera?"

    "In the three years since its launch, the English-language spinoff of Mideast news network Al Jazeera has been airing on cable and satellite in more than 100 countries, including the United States and Israel. Now it's coming to Canada." Globe/Mail Nov 27

    My understanding is that Al Jazeera English is Arab msm for world audience. I would like to watch some of the programs, find out what Al Jazeera has to say about the world.

    If Buy Nothing Day does not catch on, they could try Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face Day.

  2. I offer an alternative to "Buy Nothing Day" 1/365, "Spend Beyond Your Means Day" 364/365.

    I call it "Buy Only What You Really Need And At the Lowest Possible Price Always Spending Within Your Means Day" 365/365. Think it'll catch on?

    • You should add something in there about quality purchases as well.