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Harper appoints five new senators

Third time in a year he has added members to Senate


Parliament may be suspended, but that hasn’t stopped Prime Minister Stephen Harper from shaking up the Senate. Harper has named five new senators, giving the Conservatives 51 members in the Senate, two more than the Liberals. This will give them the power to exercise greater control over newly formed Senate committees. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said on Friday the new appointments are committed to the government’s crime legislation. The new senators are: Bob Runciman, Vim Kochar, Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, Elizabeth Marshall, and Rose-May Poirier.

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Harper appoints five new senators

  1. His lies go on!

  2. I don't think there has been much comment on what will happen when the Conservatives gain control of the Senate.

    If the Conservative senators behave in a purely partisan fashion, they will serve as a rubber stamp for Conservative governments in the House. And, if the Liberals (or anyone else) ever gain power again, a partisan Conservative senate could block any and all legislation out of spite.

    If the Canadian government seems dysfunctional now, just wait a while – we ain't seen nothin' yet.

    • Oh I agree… the Senate should remain Liberal… or else what dysfunction will befall us poor citizens!!

      • The Senate should be neither Liberal nor Conservative – it should be independent. That was the whole idea of the Senate, as I understand it.

        Having a partisan Senate makes it irrelevant.

        • It is irrelevant, unnecessary, expensive, and pork barrel politics at its worst. It should be abolished yesterday.