Harper arrives in Haiti

PM on hand to observe relief and reconstruction efforts


Stephen Harper has landed in Haiti to begin a two-day trip to the devastated Caribbean country to observe the ongoing recovery efforts as well as. The PM is the first G20 leader to set foot in Haiti since its capital Port-au-Prince was all but razed by an earthquake. Canada has played a leading role in funding and organizing relief efforts in Haiti. Canadians have donated $145 million for recovery efforts, with Ottawa matching at least $124 million of that figure. The federal government has also provided about 2,000 troops to help with emergency response and reconstruction efforts. “I am deeply proud of the remarkable work being done by Canadians to help the Haitian people rebuild,” Harper said in a statement released Sunday. “From providing water, shelter and medical attention to helping rebuild and promote security, they are making a real difference in people’s lives.”


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Harper arrives in Haiti

  1. Just what the rebuilding effort needs, no doubt…this clown getting underfoot.

  2. Cheap photo opp for Mr. prorogue. He will be in the way.

  3. Any chance Mr. Harper will stay in Haiti

  4. Man, I thought I was as partisan as the next guy, but the vitriol towards Harper still amazes me.

    It’s been a month already, so it’s about time some world leader made an appearance, and I’m glad it’s ours. Anything that brings Haiti back in the headlines is a good thing.

    And really, “Mr. Prorogue”? I assume that’s for (perceived) egregiousness since he’s neither the most frequent (Chretien/Rae) or recent (McGinty) abuser of prorogation? As I’ve said elsewhere on this site, it’s a couple of weeks. People act like it’s a military coup. Just tell Iggy, Jack, and Gilles to write themselves little post-it notes with “Remember to bring up Afghan detainees when House resumes”.

    • well said : by the way Harper is first on the list of world leaders that will be heading down there over the next while to start their rebuilding plans – we were also the first to be asked by the UN to take care of a whole chunk of territory and the first to hold a leaders conference in Monreal for Haitti and we were first inetrnationally to sign off on action as within 2 hours Harper had the entire cabinet together and seized all of them with this file signing off on the Navy to go forth and do their thing – in otherwords Harper was way ahead of the curve and is doing a magnificent job on this file – which is why none of the pundits will talk about it as it's one of those things that goes against the media NARRATIVE of late and just doesn't garner the ratings.

  5. And this is a conservative magazine…go figure

  6. Way to go Mr. Prime Minister!

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