Harper condemns attacks on Israeli cities, urges both sides to spare innocents


QUEBEC CITY, Que. – Prime Minister Stephen Harper condemned the continuing rocket attacks against Israel as tensions continued to rise in the Middle East.

His remarks, in Quebec, came as the Israeli military prepared for a possible ground incursion into the Palestinian-controlled Gaza region, which observers say could lead to a dramatic escalation of the conflict.

Rockets fired by Hamas militants were aimed at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem — two targets previously thought out of range of missiles from Gaza.

There is speculation in the defence community that militants are using Iranian-made Fajr-5 missiles.

Harper says Canada supports Israel’s right to defend itself, but urged all sides to take every precaution to spare innocent lives.

Three Israelis were killed in the bombardment Thursday, while published reports in the Middle East claim the death toll among Palestinians has hit 22.

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Harper condemns attacks on Israeli cities, urges both sides to spare innocents

  1. Israel absolutely has a right to defend itself.
    Destroying other people’s homes, whether with bulldozers or missiles, and then moving in and claiming that territory for its own is not defending itself.

  2. Israeli deaths are quite rare. It’s always asymmetrical warfare here. Almost any window of time will show at least a 10:1 ratio. During the last Gaza War, cynically timed during the Bush-Obama transition, it was 100:1.

    Expect the current reported numbers to rapidly escalate. This is not war. It’s a massacre.

  3. Times like these you wish the Canadian PM hadn’t squandered our credibility on the international scene.

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