Harper ‘corrupting the process’ with wheat pardons, says Rae


When Stephen Harper pardoned a group of Western farmers in a photo opp yesterday, he may have been abusing his powers, say critics.

Typically, when someone wants to be pardoned for a past crime they have to apply to the Parole Board of Canada. There exists, however, an “ancient power” in the hands of Prime Ministers who want to work around that process: the Royal Prerogative of Mercy, which Harper used this week to symbolize the end of the wheat board’s monopoly.

Canadian governments have used the royal prerogative only 17 times since 1959 and NDP MP Randall Garrison calls it an “exceptional use of power” .

After Wednesday’s announcement, interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae tweeted that the granting of pardons is not supposed to be partisan and that Harper was “corrupting the process,” the Canadian Press Reports.

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Harper ‘corrupting the process’ with wheat pardons, says Rae

  1. So according to Rae, it was just to arrest a few farmers who donated wheat to a 4H club, and who as a result of their charity, received criminal records restricting their ability to travel outside of Canada to market their grain?

    • Still pretending to be Emily?

  2. So what are the other cases in which it was used in the other 17 times? How much was it used between 1867 and 1959?

    That would be an interesting bit of context. Whether you object to this exceptional use of power of course, depends on whether you think the government was right to convict and fine people based on selling their own property. I personally think that free pardons should have been given instead of ordinary pardons, and all record of this conviction expunged.

    • Clearly not important. What matters is that Harper’s used it now, and because it was Harper, it’s wrong.

      It’s much like prorogation. No matter how many governments used it in the past, the moment Harper used it, it was a bloody catastrophe.

      You really need to get with the program and understand that Wherry and his fellow left-wing ideologues firmly believe that there should be one set of rules for Conservative’s, and a completely different set for everybody else. In their world, it’s called “pragmatism”.

  3. Shame on you Mr Rae…………

  4. Rae’s an idiot. Pardoning people who were convicted of selling their own personal property isn’t “partisan”, it’s common sense. The only partisanship going on here is elitist urban Liberals in eastern Canada trying to dictate to western farmers to whom and for how much they can sell their wheat.

    You’d think that these clowns in the LPC might start to figure out one day why they’re as popular as mud West of Sudbury, but I guess not. With both opposition parties running anti-West campaigns in the next election, Harper’s going to have a lot of low-hanging fruit to pick up.

  5. Hey that’s great! Next he’ll be pardoning all the weed farmers. After all, we’re only selling our own property. What’s wrong with that?

  6. C’mon. Stephen harper is the queen. Queens get to make royal decrees.
    God save Queen Steve!

  7. The Wheat Board Monopoly was unjust. Their monopoloy was ended. It only seems fair that individuals convicted under unjust laws be granted a pardon AUTOMATICALLY. It was the right and honourable thing for the Harper government to do on their behalf.

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