Harper criticizes foreign influence on Northern Gateway debate

Pipelines should be a Canadian decision, says PM


A decision on the Northern Gateway pipeline should rest in the hands of Canadians only, not foreign interest groups, Stephen Harper said in an interview with the CBC on Monday night. The $5.5 billion dollar project, proposed by Canadian oil and gas company Enbridge, envisions building two pipelines that will stretch almost 1,200 km from the Alberta oil sands to the West Coast, transporting up to 525,000 barrels of oil daily. Harper and Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver raised the issue earlier this month that local environmental groups who are opposed to the project are receiving funds from outside Canada, particularly the United States. “Just because certain people in the United States would like to see Canada be one giant national park for the northern half of North America, I don’t think that’s part of what our review process is all about,” Harper said in an interview with Peter Mansbridge. Environmental groups, on the other hand, argue that much of the funding for the proposed pipelines would come from outside Canada as well.


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Harper criticizes foreign influence on Northern Gateway debate

  1. “Just because certain people in China would like to lay waste to Canada’s resources….” Obviously, I’m just sayin’ Steve.

  2. You can’t win unless you have an opponent. Sometimes you have to make one up. Fight Club!

  3. Mr Harper, US style politics won’t fly here, Canadians for the most part won’t fall for it. Trying to rally the troops around the old cliche “we don’t want no foreigners tellin’ us what to do” only works in Alberta and Quebec.

    Look at the issues, address them, FIX the problems, then send the package to the voters and accept their decision. There’s a good politician….

    • Canada for and by Canadians.

      Stephan Harper is the best PM in Canadian history.

      • How would you know? Judging from your avatar, you’ve know no other PM and aren’t old enough to judge this one.

        • Rather neurotic of you dog… you know nothing about me. Judging me from an avatar… wow, you must be a conservative

          • I think neurotic dog was responding to Mike4444, not you.

      • Judging by the number of Likes (1 at the time of writing) I think your joke fell flat. Guess comedy isn’t your strong suit.

    • Thank-you for an excellent description of Harper`s style in your second paragraph.

      • Calvin, it remains to be seen, but the really scary part is Harper stating “A decision on the Northern Gateway pipeline should rest in the hands of Canadians only, not foreign interest groups”.

        Lets see if ‘Canadians’ get to decide.

        Want to bet the ‘foreign special interest groups’ of Mr Harper, including USA politicians and capitalists DO get involved in the decision? How about the foreign companies involved in the tar sands, want to bet they get DO get involved in the Canadian decision?

        In short, any foreign interest group Harper approves of will have input into the decision, the average Canadian won’t even be notified of the decision until long after it has been made.

  4. Logic went out the window years ago.

  5. So all those foreign investors in the Albertas tarsands whose interests Stevie holds so close to his heart should be told to pack up and leave? Or does he think their money isn’t influencing his behaviour?

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