Harper dispatches ministers to sell ‘resource development’


The Harper government has dispatched 10 ministers across the country to “detail the benefits of the Government’s Plan for “Responsible Resource Development.” Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will be in Toronto, for example, while Treasury Board head Tony Clement is due in Thunder Bay.

Also on the duty rotation:

  • Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Peter Penashue in St. John’s.
  • Fisheries and Oceans Minister Keith Ashfield in Halifax.
  • Industry Minister Christian Paradis in Montreal.
  • Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz in Saskatoon.
  • Minister of State for Democratic Reform Tim Uppal will be in Edmonton.
  • Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose is up in Calgary.
  • John Duncan, minister of aboriginal affairs and northern development, will be in Surrey, B.C.

As Aaron Wherry reports, budget bill protests were organized this weekend in VictoriaOwen SoundWaterlooPentictonHalifax,WinnipegVancouverMississaugaPort MoodyNorth BayPrince GeorgeBeamsville and Calgary. And dozens of websites will go dark today to protest C-38.

For more on all of this, follow Beyond the Commons.


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Harper dispatches ministers to sell ‘resource development’

  1. So much for the plan to slip this past the electorate in a Trojan horse “budget implementation” bill.

  2. Save our taxpayer dollars, stay at home and represent the citizens of Canada. This gov. has dragged Canada into a deficit to the likes we have never seen. Spending pensions on London Mega-Malls and weapons for Israel is simply wrong. Just because a private prison profiteer funded Harper’s campaign does not justify investing in war and private prisons. Have you seen this budget? It’s basically fascist. BC isn’t buying your China / 805-Oil-Spill-Enbridge Bitumen pipe-dream. Scratching the surface of this “Budget Bill” shows the deep disregard for Canadian laws, rights, freedoms and protections. Attempting to manipulate 70 unique laws for an agenda that is not representative of Canadian prosperity is a grotesque manipulation of Canadian democracy. Black Out Speak Out spurs a propaganda campaign? Don’t bother, “Lies don’t tick in the 21st century”. Until we have an election free from fraud, our country is in peril. Our public servants are acting as foreign corporate shill and many Canadians have great concerns for our country’s future. I understand why campaigns like Blackoutspeakout and National Stop Harper Day are created.

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