Harper does well with Poles


Stephen Harper spoke at a Hill reception honouring several Polish-Canadian milestones, including the 75th anniversary of the Canadian Polish Congress. Here is the PM with two-time Ontario boxing champion and political science student Lukas Welniak wearing traditional garb from Poland’s Mazur region.

Prominent Canadians of Polish ancestry at the event included the new Chief of Defense Staff, Lieutenant General Walter Natynczyk. Here is the general with Tory B.C. MP Ron Cannan.

Toronto NDP MP Peggy Nash brought her mom to the reception.

Nova Scotia NDP MP Peter Stoffer greets a woman in traditional Polish garb.


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Harper does well with Poles

  1. Stoffer – as usual – shows the better taste.

    General of a lost cause.
    Poli sci pugilist.

    Choose the hand to shake.

  2. I agree with Sisyphus : this is one of the few times I have seen a NDP’er with their hand out for a good reason.

  3. Why doesn’t Harper wear one of those super-cheesy Canada flags crossed with the flag of whichever nationality he is pandering to at the moment? It seems so much his style.

  4. Thank you,Wayne.

    But, as usual, I reject your interpretation.

    Peter doesn’t have his hand out. Like a good
    Nova Scotian and Dipper, he’s offering a hand up.


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