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Harper goes all in


Is there any stage upon which this man is not completely at home?


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Harper goes all in

  1. Pianos, cribbage and a new sweater. The ingredients for a majority?

  2. While not as catchy, a more appropriate title for this post is "Harper scores a 29?"

    Its hard to go "All-in" playing cribbage.

    Just sayin'

    • I forgot the <kidding> tag for the hed.

  3. As for your question, I'd say there's no place he's comfortable unless it's staged…

    • That's funny. My first reaction was this is the most sincere event Harper has held – I have no problem at all imagining Harper enjoying cribbage with pensioners. I have impression that Harper is one of the 'growing old before their time' types.

      • It was a photo op with PMO cameras. He was probably there 5 minutes.

    • Actually he is quite traditional and loves this kind of stuff….

  4. The walker in the back is Yo-Yo Ma's.

  5. I wonder if they were betting with their pension checks, and then if they lost they'd run screaming to the media that Harper stole their pensions?

  6. No big deal. Long as no one had to show Harper how to play the game before the cameras rolled.

  7. this is interesting. after the viral trending performance with yo-yo ma, the newsworthiness of a harper social sighting appears to be the narrative. he's exploiting it well now since it's endearing to excatly the type of people who can communicate what it all means to the" average voter".

    • Macleans is exploiting Harper being human……?

      Isn't about time the demonization of Harper ended,
      he's been elected twice as PM, and Canadians aren't buying it, anymore.
      So some where along the way,
      the media and LiberalsDippersGreens have to quit selling the money loser.

  8. Anyone care to speculate where Harper's next such appearance will be? First he wowed the elitists, now the pensioners, what next? He missed an opportunity to serve up the nosh at the sally Anne over thanksgiving. [ been done before] Perhaps reverting to the spectacular? Riding a uni-cycle along the high wire at cirque du soleil while juggling chainsaws? Nah! gotta keep it autentic right? Busking outside of THs? The possibilities are endless – unfortunately.

    • 'He missed an opportunity to serve up the nosh at the sally Anne over thanksgiving'

      MI didn't.
      Was that just a meaningless heartless photo op?

      • Wison this is i thnk generally supposed to be a humorous thread – lighten up. Had Harper served up the traditional thankgiving for the needy i wouldn't have said a thing. And give MI a break for crying out loud!

        • You make a highly cynical comment about a guy play cribbage with seniors, and it is wilson that should lighten up?

          • LOL!! Tell me exactly how you read between my lines here Ed? We're communicating over the w.w.web here right? Was it the tone of my voice? Cynical eh! Don't assume bud, it makes an ass out of you. Unless that is you're implying that your opinion is the only one that counts? But that would be kinda arrogant…right!

          • Nah! gotta keep it autentic right? Busking outside of THs? The possibilities are endless – unfortunately.

            Not cynical? Web or not, I think that can be taken as cynical.

          • Take it any way you like, it's still a free country. I tell you i was merely having some fun – you don't share my sense of humour – too bad. I'd said the same thing if Ignatieff had been sitting there playing cards shortly after a command performance at the NAC. I don't like this kind of 'cynical' image manipulation no matter who does it. But if you have evidence that Mr Harper regularly drops in for a game of cribbage then please lets have it…i'm prepared to be wrong…it wouldn't be the first time.

          • lighten up, its a Thanksgiving message.

          • Touche' :)

        • You make a highly cynical comment about a guy playing cribbage with seniors, and it is wilson that should lighten up?

    • I have a mole in Harper's security detail. Apparently Harper has been taking breakdancing lessons and will be taking part in a "spontaneous" danceoff in the Byward Market just before the Christmas Break. Rumours of a poetry Slam can not be confirmed.

    • Hockey devotee as he is, I would like to see him strap on the skates and actually skate a few shifts. Somehow I think his staff would put the kibosh on that, seeing only the downsides of him ankle skating.

      • Harper himself said himselft in an interview a while back that he can't skate. Deborah Grey said that Harper had no interest in hockey when he worked in her office as a policy wonk.

        So, he's essentially a fairly new hockey fan.

        • So its all just a put-on? THAT is scandalous.

  9. The Most Authentic Man In The World

    • Stay thirsty for a majority, my friends

  10. I'm sure that some in the media will claim he carried body-bags into the place.

  11. So who's that guy who looks so snarly in the House as he tries to skewer the opposition instead of answering their questions? Sure wish that the media would sort that out for us.

    • 'Sure wish that the media would sort that out for us.'

      Are you confused about the difference between a man doing his job and also having a life?

      • Are you saying these photo-ops aren't…photo-ops? He was just heading home, when he decided to rop in on the old darlings for a hand of cribbage.

        • of course they are photo ops, but at this time in his life, they are his life!!!

      • Whether or not playing crib with seniors is a true reflection of Harper's 'life', his 'job' is to answer the damn questions in QP and quit playing games with the Opposition.

      • It was a PMO photo op. Doing his job and having a life are one and the same thing here.

  12. He's a pretty good player too. Apparently he gets 29 in every hand, including in the kitty when it's his turn.

    Problem is, you have to take him on faith because he won't show anyone his cards.

    • Fifteen-two…fifteen-four…fifteen-six…jack makes…HA! I skunked you! Can I have my majority now?

      • I'm going to see the GG, see if I can get this game with an obvious bunch of traitors prorogued.

  13. Another PMO supplied photo too??

    • You didn't expect them to show the one where he's desperately practising out in the lobby – did you? Or the one preceding this shot where he throws his cards to the floor in a fit of pique because he didn't get to shuffle and deal?

  14. Its on the same level as a photoshop pic of Iggy playing chess with Spock.

  15. The pressure on the other guys to respond must be enormous. I don't want to see footage of MI in a fringed buckskin shirt madly trying to paddle a canoe up the Ottawa river..please…please spare us that.

  16. So, he plays games. How wonderful, wowie. Like nearly every Canadian family play table and/or card games.

    Macleans is getting rather ridiculous with their Harper drooling, using Harper's photographers, etc. Guess it's hard to subsidies these days – must drool and work for it.

    Now, what were Ignatieff, Layton and May doing Thanksgiving? Their supporters would like to know.

    • "Macleans is getting rather ridiculous with their Harper drooling…."

      You obviously havent been to Wherrey's blog.

  17. That is an awesome picture.

    • It inspires awe?

    • As in, It inspires awe… or Ahhhh! What a nice guy?

  18. Is it at all possible that the Prime Minister is getting ready for retirement?

    • Most of those places do have pianos.

    • Actually, he seems more and more comfortable as the PM. I would suggest that if he wins the next election he will be around for a long, long time.

      • You could be right William. I however have the utmost confidence he'll find a way to fall at the last fence…yet again. What 'm not so confident about is the ability of MI not to fall over a few fences of his own…which means…who knows?

        • The perception that the reason that the CPC did not win majorities in ths past 2 elections because of some fatal flaw in PM Harper`s judgement is mistaken. When he has made statements about the problems with the Senate or poor spending choices in the artistic community it was well received by his supporters and I`m sure he was speaking from his beliefs.

          But we are a conservative country that has felt more comfortable voting Liberal for a variety of reasons. PM Harper knows that now so he`s decided that if we want the Senate he`ll give you Senate appointments, and if you want Galas, well he`ll join in. This more pragmatic approach along with the complete floundering of the Liberals may mean we will become a conservative country that votes Conservative.

          • Harper's beliefs and what he says never the twain shall meet — at least until he gets parliamentary yahtzee.

      • He seems more comfortable as a Sears catalogue model. This seems closer to campaigning than PMing.

        • You have to be a good campaigner to have a chance to be a good PM. No leader of the LPC since Chretien has understood that.

  19. Did he lose the keys to his office or something?

  20. Up next, Harper swims the Yangtze River! Sheesh.

  21. Wipe the floor with them Harper!!!..'

    Ooops… indoor voice, indoor voice..

    • Wow, two thumbs down? Bunch of pretentious snobs on this board apparently.

  22. So just how hardball did he play the game.

    Is he saying to his partner across the table.

    "15-2, 15-4 with socialists and seperatists we wipe the floor"

  23. Never play cards with a politician wearing long sleeves.

  24. I wonder when the media love affair with Harper will stop. When they get back to what they are supposed to be doing…kepping them honest.

    • You have a point. I was impressed, finally, today. A journalist from a very right wing newspaper actually talked about the "facts" of crime in Canada.

      It was refreshing to see a journlist that actually reports.

    • Greg Weston and Tonda McCharles today on Power Play: McCharles on Liberal press coverage – journalists are more attracted to bright shiny things (i.e., gotchas, gossip) than policy, and, they (Liberals) have to attract our attention (with something 'bright' and 'shiny'?). Neither Clark nor Weston disagreed with her observations.

      If most journalists are indeed more attracted to gossip and gotchas than to substantive issues, and if they don't even consider what their readers might be interested in, then it seems that much of the media coverage of politics in this country will continue to be driven by musical talents and cribbage games.

  25. Harper discusses national strategy to remove those darn young people with their dang skateboards from Canadian lawns.

    Harper attempts to convince old people that he is Brian Mulroney and its 1984.

    Harper plays cribbage while other leaders play hearts.

    Harper counters recent accusations of "coolness".

  26. It's interesting how touchy CPC detractors are at the showing of a few innocuous pictures of Harper with seniors.

    Did another poll come out today?

  27. He really should don a pair of sunglasses (classic Ray-bans preferably) and choke someone, the majority will be a lock.