Harper goes west


The PM with Vancouver candidate Lorne Mayencourt and B.C. MP James Moore.

The PM’s campaign posse includes Senate leader Marjory LeBreton and Harper spokesperson Kory Teneycke.


James Moore with his father James Moore Sr.


Moore with his dog Jed.


Jed solo.

Here is Mayencourt in his campaign office with a plate of stones he collected representing people who have passed away in his life, many from AIDS.

Mayencourt was so horrified by the ugly floor in his campaign office that he covered most of it with cardboard and duct tape.

Moore and Mayencourt.

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Harper goes west

  1. Macleans confirms it – one Tory candidate has a heart. Citizens rejoice!

  2. Wow – Harper visited James Moore’s riding. Then for consistency’s sake, all the national media has to report tomorrow that James Moore is in trouble and on the verge of losing his seat and the PM is there to try and save him. Right?

  3. Er, aaah… where are all the voters that the Cons are supposedly meeting and talking to, in this trip west? I know this “undisclosed location”, Conservative campaign is run in an airtight manner but you didn’t manage to get one Vancouver Centre voter in a picture?

  4. Real people don’t do well in Harper’s bubble. Apparently, there isn’t enough oxygen. Naturally, filling in for real, concerned citizens are Moore’s sock-puppy and Mayencourt’s stones.

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