Harper in the Arctic

PM asserting sovereignty in the north


Stephen Harper is heading north to observe a military exercise meant to assert Canada’s sovereignty over the Arctic region. He’ll be boarding the HMCS Toronto on Wednesday to observe Operation Nanook, an anti-submarine and emergency response exercise that takes place in a region frequented by Russian and American subs. The operation, which will involve more than 700 troops, comes as part of the Conservative government’s pledge to increase the Canadian military’s presence in the area.

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Harper in the Arctic

  1. The focus of Stephen Harper's Canada First Defence Strategy, which has delegated some $490 billion Canadian dollars over the course of a 20 year plan, is on increasing Canadian military power globally while protecting northern sovereignty and potential oil. The CFDS will ostensibly allow Canada to be a more major player vis a vis the United States now and increase Canadian influence re: oil.
    Barbara J. Sowak
    Canadian Foreign Policy
    University of ALberta

  2. Regarding the Canada First Defence Strategy and my previous comment, at this time, Canada is not particularly under threat and it does not have as many "direct" enemies as the United States, ie: Iran and N. Korea. Therefore, some political scientists, economists and general public believe Harper's agendas and fiscal focus should stay elsewhere. Moreover, it is felt by many that Canada 's historical reputation as a peacekeeping nation could turn around to Canada having a reputation similar to Bush's aggressive, unilaterial approach of war-mongering. Lastly, some suggest that this policy provides promoting of the Canadian corporate interest. I am on the fence about this policy, because I do not believe it will hurt Canada to gain monumental strength, and clout within the the G8 and G20, given that we tend to be a mediator of sorts. At this time, Canada falls economically outside of the confines of the "8". On the other hand, we do not wish to send out signals of discord to the global community, do we? But in any event, there is little doubt that Mr. Harper will continue to take working vacations up north!
    Barbara Jane Sowak, Canadian Foreign Policy, University of Alberta