Harper inches ahead of Ignatieff for first time in months

Tories now command 34.8 per cent support in new poll


After lagging behind the Ignatieff-led Liberals for months, the Conservatives have regained the lead, according to the latest EKOS/CBC tracking poll. Nationally, the governing Tories now command 34.8 per cent support—a two per cent jump since last week. Meanwhile, the Liberals fell to 32.6 per cent, a 1.1 per cent drop during the same period.  It was “not a good week at all for the Liberals,” says EKOS president Frank Graves, who notes that the drop could represent a “short term political setback.” Still, the numbers have to be discouraging for Liberal party strategists, who were just starting to get used to being out in front. Meanwhile, the NDP is down 2 per cent, and currently sits at 14.3 per cent – its lowest standing in over a month – and the Bloc Quebecois is up slightly with 9 per cent.


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Harper inches ahead of Ignatieff for first time in months

  1. Who knew holding an infomercial on the budget update with a partisan audience and no unstaged questions allowed and then, when pushed by Ignatieff, making up a story about EI reform (as opposed to a zero-cost parental leave) having been in the CPC platform all along, would play so well to the Canadian press? I suppose it makes the media's job easy.

  2. I don't think we see an election till 2010 probably around Budget time. Remember the Bloc and NDP have to have a reason to go to the polls also!

  3. Dion and Ignatieff are morphing into the same person in the eyes of many Canadians. They both are very good at making threats but not so good at backing them up and they are both arrogant and haughty professors.

    It's Deja Vu!

    How long before the Liberals once again start sinking in the knives?

  4. i can kind of understand why someone would not vote Conservative, but 32% would actually vote Liberal? wow.

  5. wiggle up, wiggle down.

    nothing to be concerned about until there is a definitive and solid lead by someone.

    All an election would do is produce a few more Lib seats, a few less Dipper seats. Asssuming these numbers held in a campaign.

    Funny how that 9% from the Bloc just jams everything.

  6. This is no surprise to me and I'd bet thousands more of us on the latest stats. The procrastination shown by the Liberals has never been more absurd. The supposed intelligentsia of this party making election threats as a result of a current directionless, dysfunctional government as they put it, and then make a 180 degree turn and support them to remain in power is just beyond any logical thinking.

    I don't have much love for the current government and their antics, but the Liberal strategy…they take the cake when it comes to being dysfunctional. If the Liberals can't force an election because of organization, or finance, then just come on out with the truth as opposed to making ridiculous excuses for not going all the way. And more keep your damn guns holstered as opposed to pointing.

  7. polster says '' the drop could represent a “short term political setback.” for Libs……
    maybe it was the bump up in the polls that was 'short term'.

    Maybe the longest running minority government in Canadian history will get in the history books again,
    and ''defy the odds, he (PMSH) would be the first Conservative Prime Minister to successfully retain power through a recession.''


  8. What I love is how the numbers have reported of late by the media – Lib's up 2 points = Holy Smoke The Lib's are surging ahead an unstoppable tsunami signing up for the party front page news!!!! Con's up 2 points = what is the matter with voters it makes no sense I can't believe it – bury it on page 24 … ROFL LMAO so transparent no small wonder the numbers favour the CPC right now as regular canadians are not being conned into the " Narrative " being promoted by more than a few people in the media and the talking points by the opposition and the wisdom of the canadian voter never ceases to amaze me however it is more often than not a counter balance to the ability of hyper partisans to be misstaken if not outright Wrong!

  9. Lower and lower…The more you see of Iggy the more you dislike him..If you can't see through his sole purpose< to become prime minister of Canada, for his own self satisfying benefit, your a damn idiot…My god, the lieberals had to go out of Canada to bring back an american, whom they criticized like hell in the past, to become the leader of their party. Next time you see a lieberal being interviewed on t.v., just LISTEN to the answers they respond to when asked a question. You people who support or more importantly (BELIEVE) what a lieberal says you should actually get your head out of your bum. Hey, lets make dalton the next leader of the lieberals…At least my spin on their name would be absolutely bang on…Damn you people are stupid…