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Harper makes pitch for Security Council seat at UN

But will the PM’s foreign policy get in the way of election?


Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s pitched his wares at the United Nations on Thursday in a bid to secure a coveted spot for Canada on the Security Council. “If we are elected, we are ready to serve,” Harper said in a speech that touched on Canadian foreign aid, its chairmanship this year of the G8 and G20, and its respect for the sovereignty of all nations. “We shall be informed by these ideals and strive to further them, just as we have striven to implement Security Council resolutions.” Canada has never before lost in a race for a spot on the Council, though it’s hardly assured of winning the vote—scheduled for Oct. 12—this time around. Its recent stances on climate change and Israel, among others, are expected to turn some countries against Canada.

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Harper makes pitch for Security Council seat at UN

  1. One can only hope so.

    The UN has enough problems without Harper in there.

    • Yes, heaven forbid we have someone on the security council from a democracy that's ready to oppose the "human rights council" of a body that is little more than a toady for middle eastern despots and spineless european appeasers and revisionists.

      • ready to oppose the "human rights council" …

        first we should take care of our own human rights tribunals, then talk about the rest of the world.

    • What a ridiculous comment. Are you sure you're not a sophomore somewhere?

      • Yes, I meant you, Emily, and I meant political science sophomore. (Now aren't I clever)?

  2. I think Canada has a very strong case and should win one of the seats. Good luck to the PM on this one.

    • I agree, the UN needs more Canada ;)

  3. Maybe to sweeten the deal, he could offer himself as a United Nations diplomat should he happen to lose the next federal election or if he is asked to resign his position as CPC leader after delivering his third minority government.

    Best of luck to Canada and Canadians on this one…on all counts.


  4. Should Canada lend its credibility to the corrupt United Nations? That is the question.

  5. Harper is an embarrassment on the international scene. He will only serve to cause Canadians to squirm because he is unable to work with anybody, unable to accommodate other ideas and opinions and unable to be pleasant and considerate. We don't need to send our failed statesman to the United Nations, it isn't a dumping ground for misfits.

  6. Open _Democracy…you're close! Harper is simply prospecting and making noise for a cushy job in the U.N. (or elsewhere?) and he may not stick around to fight the next election fearful of what a electoral-whippin' would do to his chances. Either way his loss to Canada is a good thing…..