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Harper on Afghanistan

Frank realism or rank defeatism?


The Prime Minister’s widely debated remarks to CNN on the war in Afghanistan have divided opinion. In elite circles, his admission that the Taliban insurgency cannot be decisively defeated, is being heralded as refreshing candor, including this endorsement from John Manley, the former Liberal cabinet heavyweight who headed a commission on Afghanistan. But for a leader to admit a war can’t be won is a tough message for many to swallow, as evidenced by the “disheartened” reaction of the father of a soldier killed in Kandahar.

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Harper on Afghanistan

  1. refreshing candor? no; they’re trying to surreptitiously let out whiffs of the stink of incompetence stagnation and corruption hoping we won’t notice the disease too much. can’t see how. Canadians are too smart.

    The blood of our Canadian soldiers is on his/the conserv’s hands; as well as that of Mr. Dion’s political career and that of the life-blood of Canadian jobs/future hopes in this country with Green Shift.

    the conserv poster child posing as PM and his ilk are bound by chains of circumstance due to greed and avarice and short-sighted blind-ambition–all self inflicted too; they have a fictional talent; a lot like the fictional character the Talented Mister Ripley.

    notice too, in that Fareed Zakaria interview, to which this article refers, that when Zakaria asked him “you’re an Economist right?” PM Stephen didn’t answer “yea” or “nay” but embarrassed Canadians by avoiding the question and going on to state he didn’t subscribe to the Keynsian (sp?) philosophy of economics–not being an economist i could just as easily state the same and sound far more eloquent in my arguments. he can’t answer; cuz he’s not an economist; from what i’ve read, he has a BA degree in economics which i believe is a “vanity degree” conferred in exchange for his soul; everything about him seems fake; he’s lost his chance to be the best PM we ever had.

    we need regime change; and not just in a political sense; i want ranked balloting, and true distribution of seats; the conservs have 47% of seats in Parliament having only received about 35% of 58.8% of all ballots cast in the last illegal non-election.

  2. Quite obviously to anyone who has paid attention the last few years and is not parsing out words and diving deep dark meanings to every Harper speech his statement was indeed frank, candorous and plain speaking as well as clear with nothing new added as everyone has been saying for a long time now that ‘ WE ‘ won’t defeat the insurgency the only success will be by the Afghan’s which is what we have been assisting with. In fact I am curious as to why the media even reports this as news outside of the obvious appeal to the families and how they feel about taking Harpers statement out of context which is tabloid journalism at best and probably more suited to the national enquirer if you ask me. In fact how could anyone with any integrity even go to a family of a fallen soldier and stand there stick a microphone in their face and ask them how does this make you fell when = …… fill in statement you know will elicit an emotional response and be sure tob take something out of context to score a poltical point. I think media people should start asking themselves some serious questions like how would you feel if you have a family member being harassed like this? what’s the matter they run out of MP’s mothers to chase down the street – journalists that do this ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    • Lame much?

      your need to defend PM Stephen’s weakness is as obvious as your need to attack the media on his behalf–like ppl didn’t see the Zakaria interview live-broadcast or something and couldn’t form their own opinions; i guess Mr. Zakaria tampered with PM Stephen’s words too then? it’s PM Stephen’s own words caught on tape again that put him in another self-inflicted mess; i know how hard that is to take for his defenders. PM Stephen, Mr. foot in mouth, is trying to “smash and grab” again. it’s costing Canadians too much; like their very lives/livelihood, their children’s futures, international status, etc.

      according to his own frank, candor, and plain harsh double-speak in Parliament isn’t PM Stephen the Greatest *Taliban* there is? the ghost of Chuck Cadman will not rest until the conservs get their just desserts; the same crumbs of mercy Marie Antoinette fated for others.

      • I watched the interview and have heard the tape and in both cases and as usual with harper haters they as they say : Caput tuum in ano est