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Harper on Chavez and why Obama makes friends easily

The PM’s weekend at the Summit of the Americas


At the Summit of the Americas in Port of Spain this weekend—during which U.S. President Barack Obama declared a “new beginning” with Cuba—Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the President’s “clear desire to listen—not necessarily to agree but to listen—has won him a lot of friends.” Harper, who was worried going in that the discussion would get bogged down, as it has in the past, by conflicting ideologies, said Obama sparked a “new era of dialogue” among the 34 leaders. And despite their political differences, Harper described Hugo Chavez, the other major star of the show, as “affable” and “gregarious.” The PM also said everyone was “grateful” the Venezuelan leader was in a “particularly good mood” this weekend.

New York Times

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Harper on Chavez and why Obama makes friends easily

  1. Dont forget, our Prime Minister pointed out that because Obama is of “mixed extraction” he can connect with these people.

    What a great guy our prime minister is for pointing that out.

    • Taken out of context without the attached question Harper was responding too, it does sound odd, but given the question he was asked, I don’t have a problem with it.

      Here is the quote from the NYT

      It has been striking to see Mr. Obama mingle with the multicultural array of leaders here, and Mr. Harper was asked if he thought the president’s race was helping him forge new relationships. Mr. Harper said he believed that race had some effect — especially because Mr. Obama is “of mixed extraction, which is the more common reality once you get south of the United States” — but added that “in the end, the personality and the policies, these are the things that matter.”

  2. I think the leaders were also happy that GrumpyPants Harper was also in a good mood.

  3. What a pathetic joke our PM has become. I thinks its time the old man resigns.

    • Is there ever anything positive that come out of the minds of people like you. For years we have had flakey leaders who thought they were above everyone else thus alienating themselves and our country and now that we have a leader who has brought us back onto the world stage you whine…..you people are as phoney as a $3.00 bill in China.

  4. Why is Harper even mentioned in this story? This man is irrelevant.

  5. Interesting. The NY Times does use a lot of space in its column to tell people what Canada thinks. I wonder if that was due to Fleischer/McCurry deal or is there some other reason why Americans would care what Canadian PM thinks.

    • Perhaps they actually think Harper is someone whose opinion is worthy of note?

      • They are! And I really think Obama is one who like to listens to what The PM has to say!!

  6. Harper is definitely upping his game and doing our country proud of late. What really makes me laugh though is how the usual crowd of anti-harperites are losing what little grasp of reality they had to begin with. I think Harper has been playing some very interesting foreign cards of late and obviously this is paying dividends as well our PM seems to be setting the stage for some interesting international policy developmernts in the future. Well Done Stevie boy keep up the good work!

    • He sure is! And he is actually becoming quite the star… and he is bringing Canada to a whole other level, we are seen now as one of the best countries in the world, and the PR that he is doing is great, keep on the good work!!

  7. Paying dividends? Thats a laugh. Looks like Wayne drank a bit too much of the koolaid.

  8. Harper is so irrelevant it’s laughable.
    Harper is not, and never will be a Statesman. In the grand scheme of things, his time has been and gone. His tenure has been plagued by Republican-style muckracking, petulance and endless brinksmanship. He plateaued on day one in the job. He’ll throw anything and everyone under the bus to stay in power.

    • You must be talking about Iggy the American or maybe Chretain or maybe Martin, oh yeah how about Rae who ruined Ontario…..Is there anybody on the left worth looking at.

  9. Up there in the north something that should be common sense….sounds off…
    May be is because you see the world through a media stereotype where if people do not have consumption power is undeveloped…ergo less important, less value.
    Leaders according to history, are those that could lead people by acting on people`s mandate. According to history also you have dictators whose people have to submit. Previous president of the US has been of this extraction.As a matter of fact I was following his last fraudulent election through internet and I remember the inconsistencies between population, exit polls and all of the sudden, numbers changed and matched. Therefore what did you have in the US a president that was not a leader but a dictator driving the people, the voters through media manipulation.
    I do not know if B. Obama will be a leader, but if he listens and does what the people wants, then…we are on. Harper…¿ just a puppet of the stablishment.