Harper promises “major transformations” in Davos speech

Speech includes preview of upcoming budget bill


Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday that his government plans to revamp Canada’s immigration, pensions and research and development policies. “In the months to come, our government will undertake major transformations to position Canada for growth over the next generation,” Harper told the 2,600 government and business leaders attending the World Economic Forum in Davos. In delivering the keynote speech of the conference, Harper was widely expected to touch on the key aspects of the Conservative government’s upcoming budget. Many of the specific policy points were left unsaid, but Harper did say that, when it comes to immigration, Ottawa will emphasize attracting those with the labour skills that Canada needs. Harper also warned developing countries not to assume that their relative prosperity compared with countries in Africa, South America and Asia is “somehow the natural order of things.” He asked “whether the creation of economic growth, and therefore jobs, really is the No. 1 policy priority for everyone,” adding that his government is working to ensure Canada’s economic stability and expansion. He also emphasized his support for increased trade with Asia, especially when it comes to oil.

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Harper promises “major transformations” in Davos speech

  1. Harper is douchebag

  2. Seems our Prime Minister is over-stepping the established procedures when it comes to trading oil resources to Asia, public hasn’t even been fully consulted on this and so he shouldn’t be influencing these considerations. As far as I’m concerned, he’s still focused on slashing 60-70 thousand jobs from the public sector, hollowing out our universal health care system(from 50-50 to its current 20.8%  which new provisions provide for a 12% fund), giving corporations tax breaks and subsidies, and even actively funding the same corporation’s CSR projects overseas. Meanwhile, back at home essential services that maintain the physical and mental health of its people are being put on the backburner as the performance indicators on these issues continue to slide further and further down the OECD scale.

    His abhorrent behaviour still encompasses an unusually ‘strong’ obsession with fiscal matters, along with gutless and guiltless blaming of counter-arguments to his vision for Canada.

    Sorry, but he doesn’t speak for the majority, his mandate dances on a razor’s edge and his vision is myopic.

    Oh but he claims to have come up with foot hockey so everything is forgiven….reminds me of the claim that Kim Jong-Il managed 17 hole in ones on an 18 hole course. What a quack

    • Forest, we are definitely not reading the same newspapers or consulting the same sources of government information. Where in the world do you get these ideas, other than out of the thin air of your inflamed imagination?

    • Yeah, having a strong obsession with fiscal matters is sure a fault considering the last four years fiscal matters.
      As for slashing jobs from the private sector; not replacing retirees is not slashing. Nor is asking bureaucrats to accept something resembling private sector wages and pensions “slashing”.

  3. I am amazed at the stupidty of people who continue to think that the goverment can spend and spend.
    Don,t they see that is what Europe did and still contines to do and all the time looking for a miracle.
    It,s rather simple, don,t spend what you don,t have .
    So Harper may be focused on the fiscal side , that is his job.

    • But jails and jets are okay?

      • I will join in here and await the lame rationalizations from the conservative blind mice.

    • Harper only pays lip service to fiscal responsibility. I’m with Emily, unneeded jets and jails are okay?

  4. The conservative mantra is anti-socialist, which of course means it is also anti-social, an identifiable mental illness, that leads to behaviors unacceptable to society.

    • You might be cleargreen, but you are no so clear on definitions if you don’t know the difference between anti-social and anti-socialist.

  5. It is very rich of Harper to talk about fiscal responsibility when he has put Canadians some 125 billions deeper in debt in just a couple of years of his reign.  His announcing to the corporate world that he is– wooing foreign investors– by promising to CUT pensions  so that foreigners can come and loot and pillage Canada,  will definitely not benefit Canadians,  just the rich foreigners.  Forcing old people to work longer is STUPID ! !  Spending over 1 Billion for the G8-G20 party  was definitely NOT responsible at all.  Spending BILLIONS on foreign aid, when there are 100s of thousands of Canadians living in poverty, is NOT a wise policy.  Since when is Canada such a wealthy country,  when the federal debt is 673 BILLION and constantly growing ? ?  Canadian taxpayers are screwed out of over 30 BILLION a year just to pay the interest on the debt ! !  Harper wants to spend billions more on jails to incarcerate unreported criminals,  but nothing for affordable housing and jets so he can play war-games with his buddies, but Canadians can just live in poverty.  What assinine policies.! !   By making his announcements in Europe just shows very clearly that he has NO RESPECT for Canadians, ONLY the rich foreigners.  Harper has the delusion that he is the new MESSIAH come to straighten out the world, but he can’t even look after Canada’s finances.  BIG EGO and  big DELUSIONS ! !  40% does NOT make a MAJORITY — only in parliament ! !  Harper the dictator ? ?  Sad times for Canadians,  bonanza for the rich foreign investors.

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