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Harper says Tamil migrants could prompt changes to Canadian law

‘This trend gives us some significant concern’


Stephen Harper is warning the government won’t be as welcoming of future asylum seekers who arrive on Canada’s shores like those aboard the MV Sun Sea did last week. Speaking to reporters in Mississauga on Tuesday, the prime minister said Ottawa “will not hesitate to strengthen the laws if we have to” in order to prevent more ships from coming to Canada. The opposition Liberals have criticized the Harper government for focusing on security issues in connection with the arrival of nearly 500 Tamil would-be refugees from Sri Lanka. Harper’s Tuesday press conference suggested his government isn’t about to change tack. “We are responsible for the security of our borders, and the ability to welcome people, or not welcome people, when they come,” he said. “This trend gives us some significant concern, and we’ll take whatever steps are necessary going forward.”

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Harper says Tamil migrants could prompt changes to Canadian law

  1. Listen Mr Harper, First you be a Man do the right thing When people come to you for help, help them without a word. (Shut up and help) Tamil refugees are really good for Canada because Tamils are hard workers (of course 90% 0r more) and will pay Canada on average $15,000/year of Income Tax alone plus GST, PST, HST property tax, Land transfer Tax, Gast Tax this tax and that tax etc on top of it they will vote for conservative for life. IF YOU ARE SMART DO THE RIGHT THING MAN.

    • Yeesh. Sometimes things are about more than just taxes.

      For example, when 76 people arrived less than a year, up to 24 of them were suspected LTTE terrorists.

      If allowed free rein in Canada, they promptly begin to extort funds from Tamil Canadians in order to support terrorist activites in Sri Lanka.

      Smarten up. There's more to this issue than you funding your leftist pet projects off the backs of immigrants.

      • You can suspect the Harper also a Terrorist but that is not true

        • That is one of the stupidest responses I have ever been burdened by reading.

          When one is suspected to be a terrorist by a law enforcement organization, it is because there's evidence suggesting they are.

          Stephen Harper is not suspected to be a terrorist by any legitimate law enforcement organization — that is the objective fact.

        • You need to learn what a terrorist is.

    • Pandian, your comments has facts. I welcome it, but please don't hurt our PM. It is the paramount duty of the Tamils to put forward their problem in an effective way, unitedly to the Canadian govt. Canadian Tamils say that you are 300,000 in Canada. OK, how many of you are on the mission of explaining the plight of Tamils in Srilanka, to the Canadian policy makers, Medias, various organizations, Humanrights organization of Canada and the government of Canada? May be 100 people?? Shame on you Tamils!! What are the others doing? What is your paramount duty at this juncture?

    • Most of them will be getting wellfare! They won't get a job and they won't pay any taxes.
      They will be milking welfare!
      Immigration should be sharpened long time ago so no wild ship would come to Canada.
      How about libtards will pay with their own pocket for Tamils welfare ?

      • You are biased go and check the real stats from Statistics Canada, CRA etc. then come and write.

    • Government-assisted refugees receive a one-time amount of up to $1,330 from the federal government to cover essentials basic, start-up needs like food, furniture and clothing. They also receive a temporary monthly allowance for food and shelter that is based on provincial social assistance rates. In Ontario, for example, a single refugee would receive $710 per month. This assistance is temporary until they can find a job. Convert that in Tamil $ and + Tamil (Sri Lanka) Refugee-Aid Society of Ottawa, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audit, have concluded that the Society has ceased to comply with the requirements of the Act for its continued registration in that it: failed to maintain adequate control and direction over the use of its funds; improperly issued tax receipts on behalf of third parties; and provided funding to non-qualified donees outside Canada

  2. So what is the "trend?" Are more ships coming? Are there staistics available to indicate an increase? (This CP roundup wouldn's suggest there is: http://bit.ly/dAVRu4). Is there intelligence indicating a "flotilla" of these ships? What about the shipload of 70 Tamils last year that were supposedly terrorists — weren't they all legit, according to our screening process? What about the Sikhs who landed in Shelburne — were they a drain on our society or a contributor?

    • The average yearly refugee ships that land in Australia before they start denying refugee ships from their water was in hundreds. Where do you think those ships head to, now that Australia reinstate their deny entry of refugee ships policy?

      • I don't know. Where?

    • Canada takes 37,000 refugees /year 500 is nothing compare to that.

      • That doesn't mean that you admit them indiscriminately. You still have to screen these individuals for terrorist or criminal affiliations.

        • I don't think anyone is saying that this shouldn't be done.

    • Why not? Canadda needs More immigrants. Why don't some good hard working and country devolopping Tamils.?

  3. If intergovernmental organisations fail their human rights obligations to the oppressed, the member states have to change their state laws !!

    CMAG needs to be reviewed and strengthened By Maja Daruwala, Executive Director, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, Caribbean News, 20 October 2009: ''… in the case of Sri Lanka, reports of large scale civilian deaths, impunity and stifling of human rights in Sri Lanka continued to emerge throughout 2008 and 2009 but CMAG has refused to put Sri Lanka in its agenda. The additional irony is that Sri Lanka itself continues to serve as a member of CMAG during this period for a third consecutive term contrary to the 1999 Durban Communiqué that limits a country to a maximum of two consecutive terms. ''
    Sri lankan conflict has been going on for more than 62 years.

    What has Canada(as all the others) been doing at the Commonwealth???

  4. If this boat was carrying Jews fleeing the Holocaust, would the public react any different? Unfortunately, history has already answered that question . . .


  5. Fake 'refugees' like these must be turned away, they undermine our compassion for the handful of real refugees, of which there is only a handful. Send them back immediately.

    • I would love to know how you can identify these people as fakes?

    • you are one of the fake refugee too. Keep it in your mind.

    • They are not fake"refugees"okay.
      They were not safe in Sri Lanka so the came here.
      So they are no FAKE "REFUGEES"

  6. Tamils are fleeing Sri Lanka to escape from the worst regime which shamelessly conducted (against all the international norms), the dirty war on them using the “Sri Lankan Model” which described by the former Canadian High court judge Madam, Louise Arbour as Keep the world out, keep the U.N out, keep media and aid workers out, and keep your borders tight and do what it takes and she said that is not good for the future world, if other states follow the “Sri Lankan Model” to crush internal rebellions. Sri Lanka is a much more complex place as it is allegedly responsible for ‘war crimes' committed against section of its citizens. Dire violation of both international humanitarian and human rights laws with impunities, uncertainties, political instabilities and the perpetration of unlawful acts of all sorts against its citizens, especially Tamils still continue with no end in sight.

    We as part of the civilized and humane world have moral responsibility to help these helpless, hapless, long victimized, most vulnerable and weakened Tamil people by helping them to achieve their legitimate grievances so that they do not need to flee from their homeland and live with peace, freedom and dignity like any other people of the world.

    • Well said Jason. You are one of the Canadian gem. You represent the real Canadian qualities and values. We are proud Canadians now. A leading country in the world. This country was built by the same refugees, and now a heaven for all who live here. If those people(Older refugees) lives now, they would have told the same stories and would have justified the Srilankan Tamils fleeing for life. Now their decendants write, not knowing what is happening there, is very painful. Jason every action has its equal and opposite reaction. This is the "This is the theory of relativity". Your sympathy for the helpless, unfortunate, victimised people of the world, will bring all Mighty God's sympathy on you and will make you a leader for a better world. My heartfull of thanks to you.

      • The old refugees were different. They built this country to what it is. There were no handouts and skipping to the front of the immigrant line. How dare you compare these people to them. Lets get the government to provide the numbers of the immigrants that have come in the last 40 years and are sitting on welfare. It is sickening. Sorry I cannot except immigrants that come in this way. The tamils are now complaining about being detained and not being able to go to Toronto. Please tell me Selva – how are they supposed to get to Toronto? First class by Canadian taxpayer? Unfortunately they have come here with high dreams of our welfare system and this is why people are mad.

    • All true but that will not change if they all flee here. This country was not built without sacrifice it is not for them there home is Shrilanka.

  7. Of course the Liberals will criticize Harper over his 'get tough' stance on illegal migrants coming to Canada ; if he had expressed great sympathy for these people, he would have been criticized anyway. The Liberals love to criticize, but offer nothing constructive to solve an issue.

    • 37,000 of so called illegal immigrants per year coming to Canada to seek asylam but these 500 Tamils are bothering you? are a racist?

      • Have you not been following the news for the last few years? The Tamils are involved in a lot of crime in Canada, including murder. So yes, these 500 Tamils are a problem, and don't just play the racist card when someone has a genuine concern.

    • This isn't a "Get Tough" stance. This is a "blame the victims" policy by Harper, and Ignatieff would be quite right to slam him for it.

  8. Mr. Harper is correct and we are a nation of refugees, immigrants. We all have enriched this great nation. And by having compassion we have everything to gain.

    As for Tamils, their cause now deserves a second look since the Tamil Tigers have now been eleminated. Sri Lanka can no longer blame Tamil Tigers and Canada should work with other nations in bringing lasting peace with dignity.

  9. India keeps the Tamil refugees in camps for years so they tell India they are going back then they take one of the ship and go somewhere else, where they respect the human right.

  10. People who write against these tamil refugees on boat, may not know really what is happening to Tamils in Srilanka. It is genocide! genocide!. Please try to know what is going on in the world.
    Don't be like frog in the well and write anything to the suffered human beings, be it a Tamil people of Srilanka or Jewish people in the hands of Nazis. Do you all know the horror of 900 Jewish people containg a ship were not allowed to land in Canada and returned back by Canada, finally arrived to the same destination in Germany, where they started, were brutally killed by Nazis during World War 2. Why Hitler killed them? I am leaving this question for you all to investigate the truth. Canada had made a serious miltake on Jewish people at that time. This is history and a painful truth. Like HItler's Nazi regime, the Srilanka regime also brands Tamils as terrorists and killing them. Earlier most of the countries not protested or kept quiet on Jewish genocide. Now most of the countries supports Srilanka regime's attrocities and genocide on Tamils in the name of terrorism.

    • My grand father KILLED NAZIS for info Maybe they should fought them instead of fleeing like a bunch of cowards just like these people. Your countries problems will not solve them selves.

      • It is not a fight between two persons to show one's bravary. Nazi Germany was a super power that time. Jewish people doesn't have a country at that time,to stand and fight back. Their beloved country Israel was occupied by some other country. Jewish people are very intelligent and brave people. They are the experts in every popular field like Financiers, Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists and Educationists. Once they got back their country, in a short period they made their country Israel, a powerful one. They were not fleeing like cowards at that time. The wisest thing is to leave the place as the situation was very much against them. There was no way to fight back. No country was supporting them. Finally what happened, when they returned back. They were mercilessly killed. Not all were able bodied young men, who can fight. There were old men, women and children. Please kindly understand fighting is not possible at all time. You must be wise in taking decisions.

      • Srilankan Tamils also fought bravely for almost 26 years against the supperssion by the Srilankan govt. without the help of any country. Finally Srilanka got the help of China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Libiya and about 30 countries to defeat the Tamils. We were defeated by the coalition of 30 countries. Please now tell us are we not brave? Tamils had to face a formiddable force of Srilanka supported by 30 countries. Now the Tamil civilian's life is in danger by the victorious Srilankan Army and the ruling regime. The world should step in and find a solution for this human problem. Better if you are really interested that Canada should not take any more tamils as refugees, you must write to the Srilankan govt. to make the country safer for the Tamils to live peacefully.

    • Ask the people who lost loved ones on 911 from terrorists. Ask the people who have been raped and robbed by the gangs that have moved here – example: the Somolians in Edmonton, etc. Ask how much money was spent to bring back the supposed Canadian citizens who got our passports but yet lived in Lebanon. As soon as there was trouble they demanded the Cdn government bring them back home. They just wanted the benefits of being Canadian. There are lots of good immigrants but also the ones who want to come here and then decide they should be allowed to do whatever they want – this is what people have a hard time with. We definitely would not be welcomed with open arms and allowed to change the ways of your country – ex: RCMP's wearing turbans, children being allowed to carry concealed weapons to schools because of religious beliefs. Terrorists and gangs do come over here and once they are here we cannot get rid of them. This is what scares people. Come here the legal way. If I went to Sri Lanka and tried to bring my beliefs and ways there what would happen to me? Now we even have children who were actually born in Canada going back to certain countries of their parents to become terrorists. Still wonder why people are scared?

  11. Please don't allow Canadian polititions or the government to repeat the same mistake they made to Jewish people during the world war 2 about 60 years before, to the Tamils now. Now in the 21 st century, a developed and a leading country like Canada should not repeat the same mistake. Every body who writes comments or talk in the popular medias please read the history of Jewish and also Tamils before writing or telling anything. You will see the same similarites on both these people and both Germany's Hitler and Srilanka's President Rajapakse. Please, it is good to make a research why these people suffered like this. There is some importance on this.

    • Can you like give a specific website please I wanna see what happened in Canada with the Jewish in world war 2!

  12. How about something like "We will process their claims as efficiently as possible while still offering procedural fairness, and will grant refugee status to those who qualify?"

  13. http://www.tamilnet.com/
    Canada paints 'terrorism' to escape responsibility
    [TamilNet, Tuesday, 17 August 2010, 14:41 GMT]
    Canadian government which tilted the balance by branding the defensive national struggle of Eezham Tamils as 'international terrorism' and was thus one of the abetters of Colombo in the war, is in its attempt to escape responsibility now breaches all bounds by painting a picture of 'terrorism' even for the arrival of refugees, Tamil circles said. "Canada government foments reaction over Tamil refugee boat," fans anti-immigrant prejudice, and boosts "Sri Lanka's authoritarian, communalist government – a government that is implicated in horrific war crimes," wrote Keith Jones in The World Socialist Website, Tuesday. Citing Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, he noted that Canada government may also use the country's anti-terrorism laws to prosecute any Canadians of Tamil origin who helped fund the passage of their relatives to Canada on the MV Sun Sea, by linking the refugees to the LTTE.

    • You are correct John.

  14. Bob Rae said

    "[…] If the Sri Lankan government says I'm a threat to their national security I'm less inclined to take seriously their blanket conclusions about who's on the boat and why they're there. I have confidence in our immigration and justice system. Vic Toews is right about one thing: the world is watching," Bob Rae said.

    • Yes John. Bob Rae is a Smart gentleman. He knows where to give and where to get. Srilankan regime is underestimated him just like their own corrupt politicians. Probably now they will realize their mistake.

  15. HI, I am Sir Lanka Sinhalese, and I am now doing my Studies at Canada.
    When watching the news about refugee ship last few days, I was surprised what Canadian media tell about the condition at Sri Lanka. They make picture that Sinhalese killing the innocent Tamils and those refugees has come here to escape. Very funny, I was in there for Last 30 years.
    I ask them to go Sri Lanka, go Colombo city, how many Tamils are living without problem. How many Tamils handle big business? Unfortunately Sri Lanka had to go through 30 years war which create by Tamil terrorist group, do you know how many innocent Sinhala civilians were killed them by bomb attack at public places.

    • Mr. Srilankan don't play the same song as several of you sung for decades. Since the time of Independance from Briton in 1948, the Tamil Home Lands were not developed, no industries or factories were built in those areas. This is a well designed plan to weaken the Tamils economy by the successive govts. of Srilanka. This made mostly the educated Tamils to move to Sinhalese areas like Colombo the capital and the provincial capitals in search of jobs and do businesses. These Sinhala areas were developed with the assistance of World Bank and other generous countries in Industries and factories. Some rich tamils bought properties in Colombo and temporarily settled there. If job and other facilities are provided in their Tamil home lands, they would not have come to Sinhala areas. Most of the Tamils paying exobitent rents to Singala house owners as rent for their living.

      • One way this is an easy earning business to the Sinhala people. But periodically there were govt. politicians orchestrated violence against the same Tamil people in Sinhala areas, in 1958, 1965, 1977 and 1983. The last July 1983 violence more than 5000 tamils killed and billions of dollars worth of properties and businesses were looted and burnt in Colombo and suburbs by the Sinhala mobs with the assistance of Security forces and Sinhala polliticians. Canada opened its immigiration gate to Tamils only after this. The Sinhala people always come out with this(tamils living among them in Sinhala areas) for their defence. They are trying to cheat the world by telling this. They trap the Tamils in Colombo by this tricky way, and kill them periodically whenever they want. This is a well designed master plan, carried out relentlessly for the last six decades by the Majority Sinhala rulers.

    • Hi, Srilankan, You know how to drive only in one way not all ways. If you have brain at all, think about what's happening to Sarath Fonseka. You are a real idiot student.

  16. If you go to Canadian embassy Sri Lanka you can see more than 100 Tamils come to get VISA every day, many of them may be reject due to various reasons, So those people try other way to come here, They have been using the war created by LTTE as main reason to claim refugee at Develop country. They taking maximum advantage of war, but now war is over, near soon, they many not be able to play that game, that is why they are hurry to come here as mass crowd. As per the report those people in this ship have left Sri Lanka before one year, they may have lived in some other Asian country before jump to this ship. They may tell thousand of Stories; it is very funny that Canadians are ready to believe those stories.

    • Killing of Tamils is continueing. UN, Humanrights org.,Foreign Medias, NGO's not allowed to visit the war torn areas, refugee camps and detainees. What is there to hide by the Srilanka govt.? So please Srilankan don't cheat the world by telling lies. Otherwise now one year passed still no foreign medias allowed in the war torn areas.

  17. As the 'spokesperson' for the Harper Conservatives, Ezra Lavant floated on Power and Politics today the Harper government's solution to the 'refugee problem'. He(the government) says that he doesn't believe that there is a need for new legislation to deal with refugees, just a 'policy'; he doesn't explain how the government enforces a 'policy'. Levant repeatedly emphasized that Canada needs a refugee processing centre on 'Queen Charlotte Island' so that refugees are not released into the general public and disappear. He didn't say, and wasn't asked, how many of the 79 Tamils who arrived in a similar fashion last fall 'disappeared'.

    Levant(the government) apparently is unaware that there is no such place as 'Queen Charlotte Island' off the coast of BC, and never has been. There is a group of islands that, until June of this year were called the Queen Charlotte Islands, comprised of two large islands and about 150 smaller ones. Two months ago the BC government and the Haida Nation signed a historical agreement to rename the Queen Charlotte Islands to Haida Gwaii, and share decision-making between the province the the Haida Nation.

    It seems obvious that the Harper government still has no clue about Canadian geography (wasn't it a Harper Minister who talked a few years ago about, all of Canada from Newfoundland to the Rockies?), provincial and First Nations jurisdiction, or the facts about refugees to Canada.

    But at least they've managed to get the mandatory long-form census controversy out of the headlines.

  18. I am sick and tired of the bleeding heart types that describe the just landed Tamils as refugees.The only type applicable to them is " economic refugee",just like thousands of mexican and other nationalities that in an unending stream seek refugee status in Canada.According to the UN ,the accepted arbitrator in such matters,the Tamils in Sri Lanka are not persecuted!But the Tamil Tigers were definitely declared to be terrorists.
    The just arrived Tamils supposedly paid thousands of dollars for their well organized voyage to Canada.Where did that money come from? I strongly suspect the Canadian Tamil community extended some loans.
    With that sort of, provable honestly earned, money a Tamil would be looked upon favourably by Canadian Immigration officials in Sri Lanka and thus be one step closer to legal immigration.
    Comparing the Tamil situation to the one of Jews in Nazi Germany is not only ridiculous ,it is insulting!
    These "refugee" ships are nothing but effective ways to not only bypass normal immigration or refugee-claim procedures, but to to jump the line.
    I am an immigrant myself and I am utterly disgusted by the Tamils.And please don't think after-war Europe was free from persecution!

    • HERE HERE!!!!!!

  19. The news as the 'Province' reports that a supremacist organized the protest in B.C is really distressing.

    The Sri Lankan administration picked similar folks in Australia and the U.K to advance its own agenda.

    • Yes, Mr. Paul Fromm, interviewed prominently on CTV as an "immigration expert." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Fromm_%28activi… Mr. Fromm has had a $30K judgment levied against him after losing a libel suit against Richard Warman, and he's spoken at KKK, Aryan Guard, and Heritage Front events. Great guy.

  20. refugees exists because of bill 101 in Québec. Oups! sorry I thought Jane Wong was tackling the issue. Can we pay 50000$ to send Vick Toews in Sri Lanka

  21. All those cry little babies. sounds like some of you of ass kissing to the politicians. More people more tax money for the governments. Which will go into the pockets of the ones who should not get a penny. I say close the borders. Send the all back. As for all the cry babies. Get on board with them and shut up…. I know my tax money never goes where it should or where polticians say it's going.

  22. If you know the involvement of India in the final face of the war in Srilanka, then you will know the policy of India. The papers in India always reflects the govt. policy. The whole world knows India's involvement.

  23. lets end all the white European home, they came here on boats and murdered the Aboriginal People.

    • Exactly when you people kill us your welcome to bring as many of your own here until then this our country and we make the rules!!!!!

      • This type of comments are rubbish. Respect the Canadian values.

    • What would this country be if the Europeans had not come here to make it where everyone wants to live today? I do not agree with the atrocities that happened to both groups back then (and it did happen to both groups), but I do notice the aboriginals using all the things that the Europeans arrival brought here (education, healthcare, cell phones, designer clothes, vehicles, etc). We both gained on this and should be thankful for each other. Many immigrants today have come in saying how great it is that you can live here on welfare and get free healthcare. In 2010 that should not be happening. I love the immigrants that come in legally and work to make this country better. Illegal ones that want to live off of everyone else cannot be tolerated in this day and age.

    • Europeans stopped the westcoast slave trade run by Haidas and Kwaga utle, and thereby stopped the intertribal murdering that was the norm back then.

  24. Seems to me there is one simple law which needs to be enforced. The ONLY way into Canada as an immigrant or refugee is through application from outside the country. Arrive at our shores or airports without previous approval…you get turned around and shipped out, no exceptions.

    • If you have said and adopted this in 1605, then still the aboriginals will be ruling Canada.

      • Why don't you go back to Adam and Eve? Or at least to Kain and Abel? This is not a Tamils -conquer-Canada situation,is it? Or at least we hope so.

      • Interesting. Please tell me what you think canada would be without the hard working european immigrants. I am curious as to your answer.

    • Right on!

  25. If we really want to take a meaningful action to stop more ships like this, send our troops to Srilanka to insure the safety of all the refugees there. Let the UN forces monitor the past conflict zones. This influx of refugees are the direct results of the UN and NGOs like Red Cross are abandoned the refugees after end of war and let them in the mercy of SL military who are trained to kill Tamils. When is come to safety for Tamils in Srilanka, they are still living under unofficial marshal law enforced on them by Srilankan government. Abductions, forced disappearance, sexual abuse and extra judicial killings are still a daily occurrence in Tamil communities in Srilanka. Until a normalcy of live and return to their homes without fear is promised by UN forces, Tamils going to leave their country in mass and Canada is going to be one on their list of place to seek refuge.

    • You are exactly correct.

  26. Want to put an end to the illegal smugglers? Open a Canadian funded camp in Rameswaram, Tamilnadu, India. Set up a refugee processing center there. Tamilnadu already have 230,000 Tamils refugees from Srilanka living over decay. These people have no hope there and they came in their small boats (No smuggling operation there). Set up an office and do the refugees' process there, like the one we did for Vietnamese refugees after Vietnam War in Philippines (I guess). Any Tamils come directly here, then we can send them back to Tamilnadu, India camp to be process their like every other poor Tamils who can effort an expensive voyage.

  27. Harper should focus more sending reporters and NGO members to Sri lanka especially the north and east province where the majorityof the tamils live.He should be taking more actions to see what is happening in Sri Lanka and to discover the reason for the tamils to try to enter Canada. He should focus less on the laws and changing them. If he took the time to uncover the problems in Sri lanka and took action to stop the torture the Tamils face everyday in Sri lanka there would be no need for the tamils to try and enter Canada and none of the laws would have to be changed.

  28. The Tamils have come to Canada to meet Canadians of the opposite sex. This is what happens when people lie on Macleans annual survey of Canadian sex lives.

    For the future…fewer partners, fewer orgasms.

  29. If any one on the boat have ties with the Tamil Tigers send them back ASAP, they will bring there nasty ways with them, they destroyed sri lanka and will destroy canada. The tamil tigers are like cockroaches, they know the system and will abuse canada system (will live off welfare while working illegaly), they will scam, sell drugs and abuse the law. How do I know this I know alot of tamil tigers in Toronto, I use to be part of there scheme and I can honestly say they are a worthless piece of crap………..


  30. If any one on the boat have ties with the Tamil Tigers send them back ASAP, they will bring there nasty ways with them, they destroyed sri lanka and will destroy canada. The tamil tigers are like cockroaches, they know the system and will abuse canada system (will live off welfare while working illegaly), they will scam, sell drugs and abuse the law. How do I know this I know alot of tamil tigers in Toronto, I use to be part of there scheme and I can honestly say they are a worthless piece of crap………..


    • That is exactly what we are afraid of Alex. That is why people are so against them. It is unfortunate that we are called racists because of this. I know lots of legal immigrants and love them and are friends with them. It is the illegal ones, criminal ones and ones who want to sit on welfare that I think should be sent back. These people broke the law just coming here and we are supposed to accept them If I was to make the decisions it would be that you could never go on welfare when you arrrive and any crimes comitted would have you deported immediately. Sorry people but we live in a different world today and we do not want Canada turning into a country full of terrorists.

  31. How come nobody has asked why all of these "oppressed" people were mostly men. There used to be a day when "real men" would push their women and children out of danger. How come this boat wasnt full of women and children? Canada would probably be more accepting of that! Just my opinion. As it is….I dont trust them or the system thats giving us the facts.

  32. The only way into Canada as an immigrant is through the official application, which is made from outside Canada, It takes time and patience, blood tests, ex-rays, financial statements, etc. If arriving at our shores or airports without approval, you should expect to be sent home. Go home and apply as people have done for years – and wait. If this rule is not enforced, God Help Us!

  33. Let's not belittle the dangers posed by illegal or uninvited immigrants. First of all, someone who is able to put $50,000 on the table for such a trip hardly qualifies as an economic refugee. Secondly, I highly doubt that, in a rather poor country, there could be such a large number of people who are able to come up with that kind of money unless, of course, they have a wealthy “supporter”. This then leads to the question who such a supporter might be and what his intentions are? The idea suggesting that just because someone puts himself through a very unpleasant boat trip shows that they are true refugees, is rather blue-eyed. Terrorists who go through the gruesome task of preparing to blow themselves up are an example of what people will go through in order to reach their objective. My heart goes out to the many people who suffer imprisonment and torture or who, because of political and religious (mainly Christian) views, are forced to live in hiding. These people would hardly be able to come up with $50,000 in order to escape. Bottom line: Someone who would truly qualify as refugee is usually either already imprisoned or lives in hiding without income and only secretively supported by family and friends. Certainly NO $50,000 to spend on a trip to Canada!