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Harper shuffles his cabinet

‘Minor’ shuffle sees Fantino welcomed into cabinet, Kent take over environment portfolio


The Conservative government had rolled out its new cabinet picks for the New Year, adding more speculative fuel to the 2011 electoral fire. Julian Fantino, the newly elected Vaughan MP and former OPP commissioner, has been appointed to a junior cabinet post as minister of state for seniors, a post formerly occupied by Diane Ablonczy, now Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas and Consular Affairs). Perhaps the most anticipated announcement was who would be taking the reins from John Baird as Environment Minister following Jim Prentice’s departure to CIBC, and the answer is… former Global News anchor Peter Kent, who had previously held the post now occupied by Ablonczy.

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Harper shuffles his cabinet

  1. Peter Kent is such a gent. Sorry, it does rhyme, but he is well respected.I am glad he is taking over the environment portfolio.

  2. Wow – you can almost see the bullseye being drawn around Toronto – no doubt the bay street boys are emailing Jean right now and deciding which ginzo knife they want to sharpen to use on Iggy :)

  3. I don't know whether Kent is a strong enough performer to promote and defend the environment. Time will tell. However, the environment policy of the government is clear. Harper will not do anything on the environment which makes us economically uncompetitive with our largest trading partner. If they move forward so will we. Its not complicated and no matter how many fossil awards are given, no matter the names and insults hurdled at the government the course is set.

    • hey, I am so glad to agree with your assessment on this file. However given that an algorithm would have sufficient judgement to respond to any international pressure on this file, why worry about Kent.? He is basically a DOS program.

      • I feel a little bit sorry for him (or any Environment Minister Harper would care to name) since it is the most obvious portfolio that you have no say in. The only real role is talking point regurgitation. Worse than Flaherty's role! And unless your name ends in Clement, not something people relish.

        • There you go proving to everyone you are a better person than me again. Frankly, I think it is a great fit for Kent, since his only proven talent is point regurgitation.

        • frankly i think you are the most prolific talking point regurgitator around and you do seem to relish it. is your name clement?

  4. Kent is a journalist, another in the long line of journalists who support the Harper government in the hope of getting a post, or a senate appointment. Kent in particular has the most unpleasant smile, and sorry but I can't stand looking at him, knowing all these years what an hypocrite he was as a journalist.
    The journalists in this country have sold their souls and are just garbage.

    • Well nobody mentioned fantino.I guess because the liberals wanted him, LOL! Shuffle the deck PM, Iggy opened his mouth, so an elections looms!

      I will remember those words, Mr Harper your time is up!…oops that was another time

  5. The fact is many on this board have said he is only a mouth piece for Harper blah, blah, blah So I was simply saying that being the view that I don't know if Kent can stand the barrage that those who want to drive us back to the horse and buggy days will unleash on him. The PM's position is not popular among the elitists etc. etc. So any environment minister under a Harper Conservative government is going to get a tough ride. He will need to be as agressive as those that oppose the government's position.

    • On that basis, your opening line should have been "I don't know whether Kent is a strong enough performer to promote and defend the government's messages regarding the environment. Time will tell."

      I thought that you thought that Kent might actually defend the environment.