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Harper tells Karzai to smarten up

PM calls threat to join Taliban “unacceptable”


Stephen Harper has come out swinging against Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s for the latter’s musings about joining the Taliban. “We have men and women who are over there putting their lives on the line to help the population in its struggle against the Taliban,” the PM told reporters in Mississauga. “These remarks are not helpful and in the context of the dangerous work that our people are doing they are completely unacceptable to Canada and I’m sure the same is true for all of our allies.” Karzai’s spokesperson has since denied the Afghan president made the remark, saying he was shocked to see it reported so widely.

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Harper tells Karzai to smarten up

  1. The US and her allies have been suckered by Krazia He got bilions of dollars in US money and nobody seems to know where it went? looks good on the US,finallly someone beat them at their own game

    • Hardly "finally". From what I've read that's pretty much SOP.. the difference is that people are paying attention this time.

  2. As per the mouthy Liberal above….

    I am happy Canada is pulling out of Afghanistan. If those people aren't able to stand on their own two feet by now, they never will.
    But, then again, they will always have the support of our Liberals and NDP who would rather protect the Enemy as opposed to the Canadian Soldiers.

  3. Harper then took a strong stand in favour of puppies and apple pie.

  4. Why would Karzai listen to a 'War Criminal' like harper?

    • Harper? War Criminal? The ignorance and Stupidity constantly displayed by the Smug Know it all Canadian Left is always good for a laugh! Thanks for not letting me down!!!…Ha Ha…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!