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Harper the jolly swagman


harper and charles

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper presents His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales with red caps and sweaters, emblematic of the Canadian Rangers, and announced that Their Royal Highnesses Prince William and Prince Harry have been appointed Honourary Canadian Rangers. PMO photo by Deb Ransom.


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Harper the jolly swagman

  1. Also:

    'The Prime Minister announced that the government will contribute $250,000 to the Military Families Fund on behalf of the Royal couple, in lieu of a customary gift.

    The fund was created in 2007 to help military families deal with “unforeseen and often immediate needs that have resulted from conditions of service.”

  2. Harper also gave His Royal Highness sixteen more poppies to wear.

    (Dear Charles, Prince of Wales: when you're in Canada, you can be Canadian royalty. You don't have to wear the British poppy, distinguished primarily by cheapness of manufacture, as well.)

    • Hear, hear. Canadian officials should have confiscated the prince's inferior British poppy as soon as he stepped off the plane in Newfoundland, for fear of BSE contamination. ;-)

  3. Canadian Rangers? I thought they were in New York? Did Balsilie manage to buy an American team after all? No wonder Harper wants a photo opp

  4. Do the Rangers ride polo ponies ?

  5. Everyone on this board today is REALLY funny! You guys rule!