Harper to shuffle cabinet

New environment minister included in changes


Prime MInister Stephen Harper will shuffle his cabinet Tuesday afternoon in a move a PMO spokesperson has confirmed will include naming a replacement for Jim Prentice as environment minister. In a post on Twitter, Dmitri Soudas described the looming shuffle as “small” and wrote that it was in the spirit of “staying the course with a competent team.” Government House Leader John Baird, who held the environment post before Prentice, took over for Prentice after the Alberta MP resigned to take a job with CIBC. It’s expected Baird will be relieved of the environment portfolio in the shuffle.

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Harper to shuffle cabinet

  1. With Harper in complete control, all Cabinet posts are junior ministries.

  2. Appearances for appearance sake, or is it the other way around?

  3. Fantino, the sometimes brash, often outspoken former commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police will be the new minister of state responsible for seniors

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