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Harper touts economic achievements in caucus speech

PM leaves out census change from list of good deeds


The federal government is “leading the way globally” on financial regulation, economic stimulus and deficit reduction, Stephen Harper told the Conservative caucus at its annual summer meeting on Thursday. While the prime minister overlooked his government’s changes to the census in listing the Conservatives’ achievements, he did say Canadians are focused on the economy. As for the possibility of an election, Harper said “that is not what Canadians want.” The G20 summit, the royal visit, and his meetings with Chinese President Hu Jintao and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh were among the achievements touted by Harper.

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Harper touts economic achievements in caucus speech

  1. Can you believe this guy who calls himself a Prime Minister…oh…but wait a minute…that's right..Harper doesn't watch Canadian NEWS and obviously doesn't hear Canadians concerns either…what an unconscionable whore this man is.

  2. What new "leading" has the federal government done except away from globally standardized regulations? What "deficit reduction" happens when we announce $16 billion new military hardware spending on top of a Canadian record deficit? What "deficit reduction" is being made to reduce upward pressure on HealthCare and Debt Interest payments?

    It's like going around the cancer ward and Canada saying "well, at least I'm the least terminal patient."

  3. As for the possibility of an election, Harper said “that is not what Canadians want.”

    Wrong again, Mr. Harper. Bring it on.

  4. Mr Harper, you are in for a rude surprise. Canadians don't want an election? Are you willing to bet 17 billion of our hard earned taxes and a 50 billion + deficit ? It's going to be interesting trying to explain that away as well as all your broken promises from the last election. Leading the way in deficit reduction, that's really a stretch, this from a man that told Canadians a month before the big crunch everything was fine. People are finally getting wise to the CRAP agenda and hopefully sooner than later you and your cronies will only be a bad memory !

  5. Go Harper!

    • You left out the word "AWAY"

  6. "By doing the opposite of my natural ideological inclination and following the plan laid out by my predecessor Paul Martin, I have avoided catastrophe"

  7. After his vacation of hiding under a rock so as to avoid anything that resembles 'healthy', he re-emerged with his hair still plastered in place, inviting media to listen in muted admiration to his blind self-adoration, gloating about his mythical accomplishments. Not realizing that the tide hase turned and Canadians are clamouring for an election in 9 of the 10 provinces and all 3 Territories, the boy turned heel, still not allowing questions from the public, and slithered back under his rock.

    • Oh, one can hope Iffy will soon say 'Harper your time is up'!!

  8. Good lets concentrate on the economy Harp and see just how good you're at it.

    Harper blew a Liberal $12 billion dollar surplus. Ottawa is expected to issue about $103-billion of debt before the current fiscal year ends.
    The federal government is expected to run a deficit of $55.9-billion this fiscal year.

    Largest debt and deficit in Canadian history 16 billion for jet toys, 13 new prisons for unreported crimes. 2 billion Gs photo-op, over a 100 million in Tony Clements riding. The list go's on and on.

    Over the past decade the debt slowly declined to $458-billion in 2008. Now this has all changed. Our federal debt grew by $5.8-billion in 2008-09, by $53.8-billion in 2009-10 and is expected to grow by $49.2-billion in 2010-11. Further, it's expected to grow through at least 2014-15. In just three years all the debt repayment of the past eight years will be wiped out.
    Canada's debt re-passed the $500-billion mark at 4:55:46 AM on December 2, 2009.

    • Martin's Surplus? Stolen from EI.

      Harper's Deficit? Liberals were screaming from their rooftops for it. Election or stimulus! ELECTION OR STIMULUS!
      Harper, realizing that his wisdom was needed for Canada, decided to do the stupid stimulus thing the liberals wanted.

      Thank goodness we have Harper presiding over this deficit rather than the liberals who would be stimulating until the cows came home (which would be forever since no liberal lives on a farm).

      • Get your facts right. COnservatives seem to be having problems with that lately.

        • FACT
          The Chretien/Martin government illegally (court decision) raided the EI fund of $54 Billion, emptierd it bare,
          and slid it in to general revenues. And THAT is how they balanced the books for the years prior to the CPC winning.

          But first, the Chretien Liberals slashed billions of transfer payments to the provinces for Healthcare and Education, PLUS kept the GST they campaigned on killing.

  9. It's really time that the Conservative party search with-in and put forth a true Conservative leader, I mean a real Conservative.
    The party has gone as far as it can go with Harper, he appeals only to Christian fundamentalists and fringe groups who combined lack the numbers to give him a majority Government.
    This Con. Party is at a junction, to stay statuesque relegates the party to Conservative/Reform/Alliance coalition status and well never achieve true Conservatism unless a leader with true Conservative values is found.
    Failure to move forward on the normal evolution of the party well eventually relegate the C/R/A coalition to fringe statues like the Greens and be labelled for what it is, a right-wing Christian Fundamentalist party.

    • yah, we read your rant over at the National Post BWJ.
      We Conservatives will decide who we Conservatives want as a leader, by voting.

      • Are you going to get a chance to vote for the leader anytime soon?

        • Yeah, if he doesn't win more seats in the next election there is an automatic vote.

          If he does win more seats that's something of a vote of confidence in and of itself, no ?

          Cats away!

  10. The Harper government, religion based politics.

    They gave $900,000 in funding to Wycliffe bible translators, and Chakam school of the bible to translate bibles.

    The Harper, government cut funding to Kairos.

    Harper cut funding to 19 women's groups.

    The Harper, government cut funding to the international arm of Planned Parenthood.

    The Harper, government brought forward a maternal health initiative that included no access to a safe abortion for women in developing nations, where it is legal, and also included no contraception, and thus Harper, arbitrarily overturned Canada's longstanding foreign policy to provide access to women in developing nations to a safe abortion where it is legal.

    Jason Kenney removed the clause on homosexuality in the new citizenship guide.

    The Harper, government is opposed to SSM, but dare not move on it as they are in a minority.

    The census is the last straw……..

    Religious based politics.

    • There'll never be enough straws; liberals will lose, mark my words. All politics are religious based as inherently we are creations of God and have been saved by Jesus from our sins… however we still choose to sin and to shun our God and saviour, which will lead to eternal damnation for some, unfortunately.

      Cutting funding for groups that support abortion, of any form, is absolutely essential to morality. Life begins at conception and Thou shalt not Kill. We will not support killers of innocent children. One day we will ban abortion completely in Canada. It is the only just way.

      • Keep your bizarre views of religion away from my government.

      • ' It is the only just way. '

        No Ryan, the answer is in preventing unwanted pregnancies.
        I'm sure somewhere in your bible you can find a passage that condemns those who pass judgement,
        instead of leaving it in God's hands.

        • I will not judge that the innocent who have done nothing, NOTHING to deserve a death sentence before being born. It it those children that deserve all the protection and should not die for the sins of their fathers.

  11. It is in Harper's interests to have the noncensus controversy stick to Clement, even though those who have been paying attention believe that the PMO was the driving force behind it. I don't expect he will voluntarily address it directly any time soon.

    I also don't expect the Conservatives to back down on the issue, my guess is Harper would rather have his party take a hit in the polls rather than have his personal image of a strong leader tainted.

    • Harper a strong leader? Well only conservatives would believe so. But Harper would send a innocent woman MP from his cabinet to jail if he could, just so he could save face.

      • I don't like it either… but the polls on leadership qualities are consistent. Harper is seen as strong, ruthless, with a questionable sense of ethics. One of the real challenges he has coming up is the negative side of that perception which is fairly well established in the public subconscious.

    • Don Martin wrote today:

      'Having lived out of a suitcase for the last month from Cape Breton to Toronto to Alberta to Inuvik, I can tell you the long-form census fight does not even rate being called a trifle to the average voter.'

      Read more: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2010/08/05/do

      Organizations don't vote.

      • wilson, if you read any of my earlier posts, you would see that I agree with both you and Martin… the census is not going to be a major issue in the next election. It is still in Harper's interests to let Clement take the heat.

        Perhaps you think Harper is going to go on the national news to explain his convictions about the long form?

    • "Nonsensus" is accurate Stewart. Day, Clement, Harper, et al, are all nonsensus in that their arguments do not concur with the real numbers on what Canadians want. It's no wonder they are declining in popularity, and they should, on statistically derived polls.

    • It's unfortunate that Harper does not realize that inability to admit error is not a sign of strength: it's a sign of insecurity. Strong leaders admit their mistakes and correct them.

      This essential stubbornness – this insistence on needing to appear to be perfect – could be Harper's undoing in the long run.

  12. When you take action you make waves. I would love an election asap. Libs will be reduced to less than 50 seats.

    • FEWER than 50 seats. What is it with the C.R.A.P.pers and their inability to speak at least one of our 2 official languages well?

    • 50 seats will be too many .Layton and the NDP will become official opposition

  13. …financial regulation, economic stimulus and deficit reduction…

    …two of which have not, in fact, happened, and the last of which is a cynical betrayal of the fiscal principles the speaker claims to hold.

  14. Harper will in the next election for all of you who think the silent majority is not out there.To believe Frank Graves the Liberal pollster is wishful thinking..The left seems to think if the disagree and call harper names on the blogs they are gaining ground.The average Canadian is so fed up with the left and their bent to continue to make a country a haven for child molesters and terrorists.We want law and order and a military with equipment that does not make them fonder for a potential enemy.Oh Yes what is really wrong with being a Christian would you sooner bow east three times a day and cover your face in public what change would that make for our country that would be postive or would you sooner have freedom of religion no matter what you practice

    • With respect to the religion question, it seems to me both of the choices you give me results in no freedom FROM religion, so what does it matter?

  15. The 65% of Canadians will never win an election while they divide their vote between the Libs, NDP, Greens, & Bloc.
    The 35% wanna-be Americans will continue to win.

    I wouldn't have such a problem with them,(PCs), if Mulroney hadn't sold us out to them,(U.S.), in terms of our Oil and Water, (NAFTA). And everything Harper has said and done for the last 30 years points to him wanting to make Canada another State.

    • You are looking back and giving an accurate assessment of the last 4 years. It is worth remembering that 6 years ago, all the wise pundits were predicting eternal Liberal domination.

      It is clearly going to take some time for Canada to collectively come to grips with the new political landscape, but personally I don't see any reason for excessive pessimism at this stage when looking going forward. Harper's attempt to financially hamstring the opposition parties was thwarted, he has used up all of his emergency prorogues, the blanket attack ads while initially devastating have now coloured peoples perception of Harper etc. He is a clever guy and may have some more tricks but I suspect Canada is resilient enough to survive and thrive.

      • "It is worth remembering that 6 years ago, all the wise pundits were predicting eternal Liberal domination. "

        Was that because the Right at that time was divided between the PCs and Alliance?

        The Landscape needs to change…
        – As a provincial separatist party, the Bloc should be eliminated from Federal Seats.
        – A new Right-wing party emerge, (I'd vote for Danny Williams as PM :)
        – Run-off voting so that only a Leader with over 50% can run the country.
        – Representative seats for Parties.
        Or some other method.

        The choices for a leader are pretty slim out there.