Harper’s chief of staff personally bailed out embattled Sen. Mike Duffy


OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s chief of staff personally footed the $90,000 bill for embattled Sen. Mike Duffy’s improper housing expenses.

Harper spokesman Andrew MacDougall says Duffy was unable to come up with the money following an external audit, so Harper’s right-hand man Nigel Wright stepped in.

“The government believes that taxpayers should not be on the hook for improper expense claims made by senators,” MacDougall said in a statement.

“Mr. Duffy agreed to repay the expenses because it was the right thing to do. However, Mr. Duffy was unable to make a timely repayment. Mr. Wright therefore wrote a cheque from his personal account for the full amount owing so that Mr. Duffy could repay the outstanding amount.”

A government source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly, said Wright and Duffy are friends and that Wright offered the money as a gift rather than a loan.

Duffy had been experiencing financial difficulties, the source said.

The Prime Minister’s Office is emphasizing that Harper knew nothing of the arrangement and that no taxpayer money was used to cover the repayment.

Liberal Sen. Mac Harb and former Conservative Sen. Patrick Brazeau are fighting the Senate over tens of thousands of dollars in housing expenses they are being asked to repay.

The Conservative government has been highly critical of both Harb and Brazeau, while declaring the case closed on Duffy’s expenses. Last week, Conservative House leader Peter Van Loan said Duffy had shown “leadership” when he made the repayment.

The Senate is now refusing to reveal the full breakdown of Duffy’s expense claims, even after an outside audit firm noted they were unable to get a full picture of Duffy’s expenses.

Duffy failed to provide auditors at Deloitte with financial statements, credit-card bills, or information on where he was when he billed the taxpayer for daily expenses. He also did not meet with the auditors, despite requests.

By looking at Duffy’s Senate cellphone bills, Deloitte eventually turned up one unusual charge: daily expenses incurred while he was in Florida. Duffy’s office had listed him as being on Senate business, but Duffy called that a clerical error.

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Harper’s chief of staff personally bailed out embattled Sen. Mike Duffy

  1. How much are the taxpayers paying Dumpy, still?

  2. I am sure the PMO will just pay back the money with some of the missing 3.1 billion dollars from the anti-terrorism funding. My god, this whole Duffy mess makes me sick to my freakin stomach.

  3. These folks got elected based in part on a promise of transparency — following which no-one knows what they’re really doing. We’re supposed to believe that Nigel happily parted with the best part of $100,000.00 and won’t be reimbursed from some Conservative slush fund? OK — I’ll try —-

    • You’ll need lots of hallucinogens…

  4. So Wright rescues Duffy, just like Harper rescues Lockheed Martin – I’m not saying there is any correlation but it appears that it just goes to show, it ain’t what you know, it’s who you know.
    Any parent who votes Conservative next time around will seriously have to rethink how they teach their kids about ethical behaviour.

  5. Duffy, the poster boy for the Conservative government. Says it all in just 300 lbs or so.

  6. I think it is now clear to all that Duffy had the Wright stuff.

  7. Dirty fat little pigs have a HUGE appetite and deep in the dark of night their redneck farmer keepers love indulging them. I guess all the king’s horses and all the king’s men DID, after all, put pudgy Humpty Dumpty’s fat-matter together again! What a bunch of BS! And did Harper calculate the 90K by the pound?! If I didn’t know any better I’d think I was in Cyprus, or Greece, or Italy!

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