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Harper’s communications director resigns, citing fatigue


Angelo Perischilli, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Director of Communications for seven months, announced Friday he’s stepping down. In a statement reproduced by the National Post, Perischilli, 63, suggests the job was too exhausting: “This is a prestigious position that requires extremely intense effort and very long hours, which at a certain age, are not an option for a long period of time.”

On his Twitter feed, Postmedia News national columnist Stephen Maher reacted to the statement, saying, “There will be conspiracy theories, but Angelo Persichilli told me months ago that he found workload heavy at PMO and he looked a bit worn.”

Speaking of Perischilli’s appointment last August, the CBC says:

[It] surprised many because he was a political columnist at the time with The Toronto Star and Hill Times and because he doesn’t speak French. He was also a long-time contributor to the Italian-Canadian newspaper Corriere Canadese.

Perischilli’s resignation will only take effect once a successor is named. Harper has had six different communications directors since becoming prime minister in 2006.

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Harper’s communications director resigns, citing fatigue

  1. I’d say we’d miss you, Chesterson/Ellen.. but..

  2. WTF?  He’s only 63.  At least four more years shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Maybe the weight of all that water he had to carry finally took its toll on his back.
      Or just maybe he grew a conscience and couldn’t cover for the lies any longer.

  3. Since every little decision made in this country, including where to build outhouses, is now routed through the PMO’s office in a system of government right out of Communist Russia, it’s no wonder it’s so tiring.

  4. Swim, rodent, swim!