Harper’s new spin doctor decries “francophone bureaucrats”

Old Persichilli column slams Quebec nationalism


Prime Minister Stephen Harper won a majority government with little support from Quebec, and if his choice for new chief spin doctor is any sign, he intends to keep it that way. Harper appointed journalist Angelo Persichilli as his new director of communications Tuesday. On Wednesday, Sun Media’s David Akin dug up a Toronto Star column in which Persichilli decries the number of francophone bureaucrats in Ottawa, slams former Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe’s “selfish cultural aspirations” and urges Quebecers to be more grateful to the provinces, such as B.C., Alberta and Ontario, that pick up the tab for its generous social programs.

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Harper’s new spin doctor decries “francophone bureaucrats”

  1. Once the additional HoC seats are brought in, what Quebec demands will matter even less then it already does.

  2. Lemme see:  I was a career military guy and have lived from coast to coast, including la belle province.  In the early parts of my career, the francos were automatically deemed to be bilingual, the anglos had to get training, undergo testing, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.

    Whilst stationed in Montreal, I was exposed to all kinds of drivel about how an individual from Quebec could rise all the way to the top ranks without having to be posted outside of Quebec.  Let an anglo from Alberta suggest that he never be posted out of Alberta (fill in province of your choice) and he/she would instantly have been shown the door.

    The bilingual, bi-culturalism thing in Canada has been hopelessly (and likely irrevocably) distorted to the advantage of the native francos.  I was brought up speaking French only (of European descent) and only learned English well into my teens,  but I recognize in this situation an abusive process we need to shake. The current situation tends to treat one half of the equation with kid gloves, while being harsh with the other half.  Also ignored is the ever larger proportion of our population which doesn’t fit into the franco/anglo model: their cultures and languages are being short changed.

    • sinbo, we don’t have a “proportion” of Canadians to whose non-English and non-French languages we owe any regard. As a courtesy, though, we give them a translator when they’re dragged before a judge.

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