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Harper’s popularity in “dramatic fall” since February: poll


Canada’s governing Conservatives have had a tough spring, filled with robo-calls, F-35 jets spending, and ministers with shamelessly lavish preferences. Adding to the bad news, a new poll by Nanos Research published in today’s Globe shows Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s popularity is taking a hit:

When Canadians were asked two months ago to name the federal leader they believed to be the most competent, 38.1 per cent said Mr. Harper. In the latest poll, that score dropped to 24.2 per cent. When asked which leader they trust, 31.7 per cent said Mr. Harper in February compared to just 20 per cent in April.

Adding to Tory woes, the same poll shows the party in statistical tie with the NDP led by Tom Mulcair: 34.7 per cent of voters would support the Tories if an election were held today, 32.4 per cent would vote NDP, and 23.3 per cent would back the Liberals.

Another poll conducted this week by Forum Research and published in the Hill Times found that “Nearly two-thirds of Canadians who are aware of the government’s $25-billion plan to replace Canada’s fighter jets with the more sophisticated state-of-the-art F-35 stealth fighter jets don’t trust Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government to do what’s best for Canada with respect to the project.”



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Harper’s popularity in “dramatic fall” since February: poll

  1. Finally. I was beginning to think everyone was completely insane.

    • Then how do you explain the NDP numbers increasing?

      • The NDP is not like the KKK Cowboy Conservatives.

  2. Are these the same pollsters that were so “accurate” the night before the Alberta election?

    • This is a snapshot view of opinion, after all. But as landline phone skew tends to favour conservative values, it’s more likely to be an ill omen for Harper.INC

  3. An entire third of Canadians think the F-35 file is being handled well?

    Can fool some of the people all the time, I guess.

  4. Rigging the election with Robocalls, combined with lying about the F-35 price, together worked to erode public trust.

  5. Even Canada’s most celebrated bean-counter cannot escape the saying:

    “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We are in the first phase of that, and Canadians won’t stand for the second. Recalibration will avail nothing.

  6. Unfortunately, Stephen doesn’t have to care about this for another couple of years throughout which he will continue his arrogant rule.

    • Then he better hide away from the electorate as they are getting more angry by the day. Pathetic little man. An embarassment.

  7. Alberta proved that polls are worth squat. Let’s all meet back here in 3 years and discus the value of polls saying Canadians are unhappy with Harper. It’s not so much a case of how good or bad he is, it’s more a case of what he is up against. He is into “year one” of an 8 year majority reign. And as much as that pleases me, the fact that it upsets so many people on here makes me downright ecstatic. (almost as much as the inevitable whining responses this will generate)

    • evil stooge

      • good one :-)

  8. Got to love Harper and his commitment in making the tough choices doing whats right for the country , not the easy sniveling kiss your ass decisions that is good for party b the Libs and Ndppers.. Poll tak to me in a year !!

    • He’s not making tough choices, so much as making the choices tough. Nothing prevented the F-35 thing from being handled properly and honestly, nothing at all. It’s like they went out of their way to be venal, shady, and lying.

      • not to mention the new numbers on those jets, which are experimental btw. lol
        200million extra per jet, and 1 Trillion per jet to operate per year. canada will be bankrupted, and not just financially, by the CONservatives.

    • Its been a year…..The Ipsos Reid survey April 2013:

      It found that 54 per cent of Canadians believe the country is
      on the “wrong track.” That compares with 46 per cent who believe Canada is
      heading in the “right direction.”

      The poll showed that 58 per cent
      disapprove of the Conservative government. Forty-two per cent

      But it is in the areas of secrecy and ethics that the Tories
      suffered severe displeasure in the poll. Sixty-nine per cent believe “the Harper
      Conservatives are too secretive and have not kept their promise to govern
      according to high ethical standards.” Thirty-one per cent believe the
      Conservatives have kept their promise.

      The poll found that 63 per cent
      disagreed with the statement that “Harper Conservatives are living up to the
      promise they made when first elected in 2006 to provide an ethical, open and
      transparent government.” Say what now?

  9. I hope this is the first of many in terms of declines in conservative influence.
    They have been a blight on our country locally as well on the international stage.

    Don’t tell me they are actually really smart, or at least Harper is.
    How can he be smart when hes treating adults like children and taking tax-payers for granted.

    How about he prorogues the parliament over the 16$ orange juice?
    That wouldn’t even surprise me anymore.

    Lets get this over with and get rid of these corrupt sad-sacks already.

  10. Harper is the master of his own fate. He will self-destruct and needs no help at all. Canadians do not like liars and cheats.

  11. King Harper does need to worry about his dwindling popularity though , he has flattered the right kind of groups to remain in power and they will help him after he is gone too. Supporting the war crimes of Israel will ensure his lifetime job in one capacity or the other,like Tony Blair his future need will be taken care of, People who hate him must not be delighted by his dwindling numbers he has his life path set in front of him and that is Bright Future!

  12. Let’s see – the Speaker of the House has held his govt in contemtp 3 times and been found in breach of Parliamentary privilege; a Federal Court found the Conservatives violated the $ 18.3 mil spending limit in the campaign that brought them to power in 2006; they squandered the $16bil surplus they inherited in 2006 and now we have a $18bil deficit; when he tan the National Citizens Coalition he campaigned for U.S.-like deregulation in the financial sector, now takes credit for Canada not melting Dow like the US did; before taking power said Can she get rid of the Can Health Act and national Medicare; and the friggin’ Guy’s shut down Parliament TWICE – once to avoid a non-confidence vote and the other to avoid an inquiry into Afghan detainees!!! Oh, and he wants to get rid of CPP even though the Park Budget Office has confirmed that, as a percentage of GDP, we can easily afford

  13. Harper wants to replace CPP with a pooled pension plan scheme ran by – you guessed it – the banks, insurance Co’s and mutual funds! What is wrong with Canadians???

    • Nothing wrong with Canadians. The plan is to “privatize the profits; publicize the costs.” The CPP is a big pool of cash the elites cannot get their hands on . . . yet. If CPP is tranferred to elite institutiions (banks, insurance cos, investment companies etc), they will have full access. Very clever.

  14. Harper’s strategy to ignore, ignore, ignore has put him in the loser’s seat and it is going down even more as Canadians find the prime minister a complete bore as he treats the average Canadian like they didn’t even exist. Perhaps the same could be said of Harper as voters wonder how the prime minister got to call the shots, robo calls and all as we now have a leader who the majority of Canadians diss.

  15. No one east of Ontario has trusted this bozo for years, we just don’t have the population to fight it come election time.

  16. We clearly have a stupid psychopath trying to sneak one over on Canadians every day! Harper reminds me of the little kid who just pooped his pants and hopes we dont find out…Guess what….Every time Harper does another sneaky criminal illegal act and blows hard earned Canadians dollars….WE FIND OUT! Harper has never learned this lesson…He just keeps trying to deceive and hide his mistakes…Time to replace this clown pretend bureaucrat.

  17. If you BELIEVE in polls, then you have not read George
    Orwell’s “1984” i.e. manipulation of the facts to achieve a positive

    Polls are a tool of the 1%. Who publishes polls? Billionaire-owned media. Who paid for the poll? What were the questions asked in the poll? Who did they call? Many young people don’t have landline phones
    and I don’t know if they are calling cell phones.


  18. Harper cheated in 2006 with in-and-out fraudulent
    transactions to get around spending limits.

    Harper cheated in 2008 by calling an illegal election.

    Harper cheated in 2011 with misleading and deceptive phone

    Stephen Harper is not our Prime Minister. Harper stole all 3 last elections. It’s much worse than we’ll ever know.


  19. HARPER’S popularity dropping like a rock from 38.1 in Feb to 24.1in May. The more people get to know these CONservatives
    CON Artists the more they realize they should never have elected them. The damage they are doing to this country will not be truly visible until they are thrown out of office.

  20. JFK is still alive! (And so is Jacqueline)


  21. The real identity of Mark Zuckerberg:
    Xdisciple: Mark Zuckerberg is Jacob Michael Greenberg

  22. Fore those that vote for that clown, fuck you and live with it.

  23. Harper is the most corrupt and most despised politician in British Parliamentary History. The man on is par with Mob Criminals, Mussolini, Pinochet and Hitler. I don’t even think his popularity is as high as ANY poll indicates.

  24. It seems that most people here (including me) hate harper, for obviously realistic reasons.

  25. we are a weak bunch of Canadians with no back bones like orphines in an orphanage.take and do as tell us to do,,,what more needs to be said.