Harper’s popularity slides in leadership poll

Government facing spate of scandals


A new poll shows that trust in Stephen Harper has declined in recent weeks following a series of political scandals. The Nanos Research poll shows Harper’s leadership index score has fallen from 99 in February to 83 in March. Michael Ignatieff did not benefit much from the drop, as his score only increased from 37 to 40. Meanwhile, NDP leader Jack Layton’s score jumped from 44 to 51. Harper’s decline in the poll is mainly attributed to a spate of political scandals, including party officials being charged with breaking election financing laws, and revelations that Bruce Carson, a former Harper aide, lobbied for dodgy water contracts that would have benefited him and his fiancee, a former escort. The government is also facing the prospect of being found in contempt of Parliament over two separate incidents.

The Globe and Mail

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Harper’s popularity slides in leadership poll

  1. I'm sorry – did we forget this little tidbit in the Headline?
    "Nationally, the popularity of the Conservative Party declined by a single percentage point, to 39 per cent, with both the Liberals (28 per cent) and NDP (20 per cent) up one point from the month before. These numbers are well within the margin of error (3 per cent) and suggest little or no change in support for the three national parties."
    A fair and unbiased press indeed.
    McLean's should be ashamed.

    • Unbiased and Macleans don't always go well together. Have you seen Macleans' opinion piece on usage-based Internet billing? It reads like it was written by Rogers HQ without a critical thought in the entire piece.

  2. Harper is not a leader. He is a Dictator. If he was a leader, he would not tolerate this:


    Needless to say, there is a dearth of leadership in Canada. If we can tolerate the travesty of justice that the above link exposes, then we can tolerate anything.

    If Harper was a leader, he would be my Prime Minister. He is not, unfortunately.

    • Iggy is not a leader, he is at 15%. Harper at 89%. Eat that!

  3. Trust in Harper will continue to decline because Canadians are sick and tired of being ignored.

    • With all due respect Matt, when have canadians ever been acknowledge? is not a Harper thing, is every single politician thing, to serve their own purpose, their own agenda, we might benefit from them but it has never had anything to do with what we want.

      • And that has got to change, Claudia, that has got to change !

        • I agree with that but with who, right now Parliament is full of Bozos!

          • These Bozos do not have to be re-elected.

          • That's the whole house!

          • Indeed!

            NO INCUMBENTS!

  4. Shades of John Diefenbaker, "… dogs know best what to do with polls."

  5. Let me tell you what happened to me. I got a call from one of these pollsters, and I asked, "Who has commissioned your poll."

    The lady said, "The Government of Canada", wherein I replied,


  6. Harper has just been found in contempt.

    It's time to put Canada's DICK-tator to rest -because we are tired of his polls.

    Back to the hockey rink, hockey dad.

  7. Do people really believe the others are more honest?? Incredible. Remember how corrupt Chretien was/is. They are all doing their bit to erode peoples faith in democracy. Ego and lust for power and no accountability seems to do that to politicians. The left is so blinded by their hatred of anybody who won't give them unfettered access to the public teat they can't see straight. Parasites get panicky when the host dries up.

    • What a pathetic biased statement, clearly your confused about the well being of your country.

  8. Harper is laughing all the way to the polls – this is so perfect the real players in the next election are going to be harper and layton with Iggy barely able to get a point or two – this is more than likely why the liberal party right now is more the enemy of Igtgy than Harper or jack are .. I can hear Bobby right now whispering in Iggy's ear – go for it Ig you are doing great keep up the good work – don't worry about anything I will hold your jacket for you hahahahahahahah!

  9. Oh darn! You mean we are going to have herr ignetstiff as PM? Oh well, he needs a pension too. And the crime world is waiting for their liberals.

    • I was referring to the following quotation from that link: Conservatives exploit victims of crime for political reasons and that is TOTALLY SICK !

      UPDATE: Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak, did not waste any time turning Liz Hoage into a photo opportunity. On March 18, 2011, he was joined by Liz Hoage and the founders of the Canadian Crime Victims Foundation to announce that at an Ontario PC Government will make significant changes to ensure that victims of violent crime receive the support that they need and deserve.

      That's the problem with these MORON POLITICIANS, they don't get it. Blaming the McGuinty government which allegedly continues to withhold tens of millions of dollars in support contained in the Victims Justice Fund, is not the answer. Firing the people and EXPOSING THE CREEPY LAWYERS who are responsible for inappropriately denying Liz Hogue the compensation she deserves, is the only appropriate solution here.

      You would think that if the Canadian Crime Victims Foundation was not a politically motivated hit squad, they would have made sure that Liz Hogue got the compensation she deserves, right away. Instead, they claim that she will get it when Tim Hudak is elected.

  10. Without a foundation for morality no one should be surprised that any politician becomes corrupt because morality and ethics become fluid. What ever keeps them in power is expedient, not necessarily ethical. With a foundation for morality as our country was established on then there is a basis for calling something right or wrong. This country was founded by Judaeo Christian immigrants from Europe. Overspending by the conservatives and their lack of concern for the moral issue of abortion shows that they choose not to hold themselves to the higher standard that all must answer to. We need a Christian party to help restore a standard of morality. check out http://www.chp.ca

    • Canada was founded on the principles of Peace, Order and Good Government and the majority still look for that from our leaders. None of which is the particular specialty of judeo christians or any other religious group.

      Unlike American voters, Canadians do not generally care to know about a candidate or leader's religion and prefer government to be as rational as possible, hence secular.

    • Grace and Grip wrote: "We need a Christian party to help restore a standard of morality."

      "The United Nations' Human Development Report, which ranks 177 countries on a "Human Development Index," measures such indicators of societal health as life expectancy, adult literacy, per-capita income, educational attainment, and so on. According to this report, the five top nations were Norway, Sweden, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands. All had notably high degrees of secularism..

      It goes on to say: "If this often-touted religious theory were correct-that a turning away from God is at the root of all societal ills-then we would expect to find the least religious nations on earth to be bastions of crime, poverty, and disease and the most religious nations to be models of societal health.

    • 2) A comparison of highly irreligious countries with highly religious countries, however, reveals a very different state of affairs.

      In reality, the most secular countries-those with the highest proportion of atheists and agnostics-are among the most stable, peaceful, free, wealthy, and healthy societies.

      And the most religious nations-wherein worship of God is in abundance-are among the most unstable, violent, oppressive, poor, and destitute."

  11. I guess you are not familiar with the notion separation of church and state. Why don't you start slow. Get all those churches filled on Sundays, and then, you will probably get the political influence you seek.

  12. Well, if the media commissioned poll says so, then it must be true. Perhaps politically contrived, media led lynch mob, smear campaigns and over the top rhetoric, hysterically regurgitated day after day does work. Whatever sells you're narrative.

  13. Isn't that always the case. The quiet people do all the work and the loudmouths get all the credit.

    You are right, we need to insert some real intelligence into our national dialogue, and all the quiet people need to step up to the plate.

    If you want to keep getting steamrolled, continue to keep your mouth shut.

  14. Excuse me, let me re-write the headline to reflect the facts of the poll. "Despite A Decline in Harper's Numbers, Liberals fail to Capitalize". Or how about "Iggy"s Numbers on Leadership Still in the Cellar ". Whistling past the grave yard much? Most Canadians can read you know!

    • If you think that "Harpy" deserves to be the leader of anything beyond a Dairy Queen franchise, you are certainly not like "most Canadians."

  15. I think adolf harper needs to go.Iggy scares me too.I have never voted NDP in my life.Now I am nearly 50 and feel I must.

    • Why don't you vote selectively and use the ABC. Anybody but the CONS. Vote for the second place guy. It will most likely give Harper a minority but the prospect of a majority for him is terrifying. He's quite a paradox, a professed Christian without integrity – is that rare?

  16. I see by the comments here that harper and his nazi regime are still busy.Hyll harper

  17. I don't understand why anybody would vote for Harper. What is it? His haircut? His baby blue eyes?

    Following my advice, you ought to agreed to prorogue Harper.

    Anything less is pure stupidity, under the circumstances.

    • Wow you're an idiot. Thanks for the amusement reading your posts.

  18. Do we all forget that harper was and most likely still is a reformest.
    I would hate to think what that bum would do if he got a clear majority

  19. We now have planes that far out match what has been sent up against them .
    30 billion +dollars for planes that canada really has no use for .Who are we going to attack or defend ourselves from the US.
    Does canada really need such aircraft and the hidden costs that harper refuses to tell the canadien public about.
    Could it be that he might be getting a little honey from this contract?
    I trust goverment very little but Canada with a harper majority would be like giving the fox a open door to the chicken coup.
    We need a goverment that will put canada's health care at the top of it adgenda. and What about the elderly simply raise the supplement does not cut it today.Could you live on 1300.00 a month?
    I seem to recall the first time harper ran for prime minister did he not say that he would cap gasoline tax at .80 a litler correct me if I'm wrong but I am sure that was a part of his platform lol.

    • He needs it for end times coming any minute now when the forces for good take on the forces for evil, doncha know?
      Pastor Hagee seems to feel that Armageddon is imminent – Arab unrest, snarling at Israel who is snarling back. Of course Harper and his jets will be right in there, after all, god's going to smite anyone who doesn't side with Israel. Pastor Hagee assures us that it's all there in Revelation, according to his understanding, and of course, he has a pipeline to God (not to mention a lot of cash from his sheeple).

    • Layton would gladly take 50% of your paycheck for 40 years to give you $1500 a month when you retire.

  20. What on earth are we doing in Libya?

    Can you spell Fidel Castro?

    Are we pretending that Dictator Harper is a Democrat?

    • We're in Libya strictly for the reason that the World takes issue with a leader slaughtering his own civilians. And it's not just Canada.

  21. Harper's time is over.

  22. Harper may not be the ideal lilly white Prime Minister but he is by far the best choice of those who are running in this election. To me the election is about the economy and he has kept us in much better shape than any other country of the G-20. Much of the scandal that has plagued the Consevatives of late are relatively minor issues blown into major issues by Iggy. These issues do not hold a candle when compared to the corruption of the Liberals under Chretien and Martin.

    • To me the election is about the economy and he has kept us in much better shape than any other country "

      Yup, thanks to a 13 billion dollar surplus and regulation of the big banks (the Harper opposed) – both courtesy of the Liberals.

  23. As any GOOD leader would!

  24. If it's about the economy, elect Ignatieff, he's a fiscal conservative. Ignatieff will clean up all the dead wood in government !


    If the Conservatives and the Liberalss had a full mind, we would not be the victims of their delusions. Now I am having some difficulty here trying to figure out who is more delusional…

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