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Hate crimes on the rise

Race and ethnicity spur most crimes; incidents related to sexual orientation double


According to new Statistics Canada data, hate crimes reported to police increased by one-third in 2008. The Globe and Mail reports that incidents motivated by race, ethnicity and sexual orientation grew in that year. Police forces logged 1,036 hate crimes in 2008, up 35 per cent from 2007. Hate crimes motivated by religion increased by 53 per cent between 2007 and 2008 while those related to race or ethnicity grew by 15 per cent. But the biggest rise came in violence motivated by sexual orientation, which more than doubled and were the most violent in nature.

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Hate crimes on the rise

  1. Is it just me, or is it simply possible that more crimes are being labled as 'hate' – not that hate crimes are on the rise?

    • That is probably the case, combined a little bit with the fact that victims of assault are more willing to come forward and report it now than they were in the past. So, likely there isn't an increase in actual incidents, but in reported ones, and then on top of that the reported ones are more likely to be classified as hate crimes.

      • Well speaking as a member of the Vancouver queer community, there is absolutely no question that there has been an increase in the number of random, unprovoked attacks on gays in the gay village here….attacks in which the perpetrator, through his colourful use of language, has left no doubt as to the motivation.

        • Why can't we all just get along??

        • Wouldn't It be nice if we could all just get along ?

          • Apologize for the duplication, anyone know of a way of Deleting one of the reply's, should this happen again ?? Thankyou.

    • Well, speaking as someone familiar with gay live in Vancouver, there is absolutely no question that there has been an increase in random, unprovoked, vicious attacks against gays in the gay village here…where the perpetrator makes no bones about yelling "faggot" or some other epithet that leaves little doubt as to his motivation.

  2. Perhaps, rather than trying to elevate the status of various victimized groups in the name of "tolerance", we should instead focus on the notion that all human beings are fundamentally priceless and deserving of respect.

    The only problem is that the premise underlying that notion has been decoupled from our society's thinking.

    • Seeing human beings as individuals rather than as members of particular ethnicities and/or victims' groups? The diversity industry will not be happy with you.

    • A somewhat rare occasion where I agree with you Gaunilon! As Thatcher once said, "Crime is crime is crime- it is not political." In this case, crime is crime, it should be punished regardless of the motivation of the perpetrator.

      • She said that while IRA prisoners were starving themselves to death for the right to be treated as political prisoners rather than the common criminals they were. God I miss Thatcher. We never appreciated her enough.

    • Gaunilon, people who commit hate crimes against members of a targeted group cause the entire targeted group to fear for its safety in a way that completely random attacks do not.

      Thus, those criminals are victimizing more people that just the individual they originally assaulted. That is the simple reason for the enhanced sentence.

      Sadly, I'm not sure that hate crime sentencing laws are the best way to fight hate crimes, as all they really do is encourage the perpetrator to keep quiet about her/his motivations. However, I would argue that the intent is noble.

      • I have been the victim of an attempted mugging in my neighbourhood (about 2 yrs ago) and I'm gay, and I never felt the need to push the hate crime angle to the cops. I was lucky because the cops showed up quick at the intersection where it was happening. Maybe my naive white male privilege makes me have too much faith in the justice system.

        But of course I wonder if maybe because my friend and I "looked gay" as were walking home, then those little criminal brats thought we were an easier target. It pisses me off and makes me feel like I have to prove something. But still, they should "only" be charged with assault and attempted robbery, and the sentence for it should be nastily tougher. Like Singapore tougher.

        • Well if the would-be mugger has never done anything to suggest he's targeting you because you're gay, then quite simply, you don't HAVE a hate crime on your hands, so this matter is irrelevant.

          Hate crimes are crimes that make people who have never personally encountered an assailant feel as if they have to take extra precautions to protect their safety…or to avoid certain establishments…solely as a result of the knowledge that "they could be next."

    • i agree with you, there should be minimum sentencing for any assault, let the dbags go to jail where they will be the new boy in town

    • any chance that decoupling came on the back of all kinds of criminal behaviour and terrible treatment of particular 'elements' of society designed to make clear that those elements were not "fundamentally priceless and deserving of respect"?

      if your point was to make the case that a crime against anyone of us is a crime against, and dehumanizes, us all, then great. we agree fully. but if your point is that there is not something especially odious about crimes that specifically seek to dehumanize particular groups of society than we do not agree on that point. further, if you are implying that the "decoupling" is the fault of advocates from those groups that sought to identify and raise awareness as to what was happening to specific groups as a means to attempt to cease that treatment and ensure that the rights of individuals from those groups are respected as the rest of us could take for granted, well we disagree on that too.

  3. Steyn would be proud! The holy war has only just begun!
    Infidels vs fidels! The heretics vs the pure! The good vs the bad!
    Only the believers in the true path are allowed in the gates of heaven!
    Blessed be our names!

  4. Hate crimes on the rise in Kyrgyzstan

    There was a small problem with that headline, but I corrected it.

  5. Now who will have the cajones to name names on this one? Who are the perpetrators and who are the victims?

    A few months ago there were similar stats published that only names the victims — Jews. The rate of anti-Semitic hate crimes had increased exponentially to a point never before seen in Canadian history since the stat-taking began. Isn't it interesting that after multiculturalism became enshrined in our constitution and all those good feelings were cultivated towards our fellow man that crimes motivated by hatred for race, religion, and sexual orientation would increase?

    I know who the victims are as well as the perpetrators, but will the government say it?

    • Right – imported problems, at least in my city.

    • The Government won't say it, and I think we all know it is only going to get worse.

  6. The rise in Hate crimes is due to the Harper Govt Policy to promote hatred on Media , Steyn is one good example, another example is the number of people who are doubting and questioning the facts(in comments) , kind of supporting the climate of hatred. It is a troubling sign, I have noticed the racial tension on the rise in the last few years .

    • So the Harper Government's policy is to promote hatred through the media? And Mark Steyn is a symptom of this?

  7. More and more people have had a gutful of the special rights and privileges accorded those the far left deems are worthy of special attention. Give me the same rights as French-Canaidans, Indians and the benefactors of 'hate' crimes and Joe Average would be much happier. In case you idiots on the left don't get it, EVERYONE should be treated equal. The widening split between the left and right is going to increas the chasm between different groups.

    • Yeah, well there's just one problem, Jeet. gays, ethnic minorities, Jews, Mulsims etc. are NOT treated equal. We get special attention from hateful, unstable people who want to hurt ONLY us.

      So instead of whining about how sad it is that you don't get any special attention, why don't you just be grateful that nobody is blowing up your institutions and places of worship and nobody travels by mob into your neighbourhood to target your for violence and harassment.