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Hayward is out at BP—and Dudley is in?

BP believes the only way to repair relations in U.S. is for the CEO to step down


BP CEO Tony Hayward is said to be in meetings this weekend finalizing his exit deal—reportedly a one-million pound package and a 10-million pound pension. While the company denies any change, the Guardian newspaper reports that the reins will be handed over to Bob Dudley, who is overseeing the cleanup operation in the Gulf of Mexico. The company came to realize that in order to repair their dealings with the U.S., Hayward would have to go. Dudley is a U.S. citizen, with a strong track record at BP and Amoco before that.

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Hayward is out at BP—and Dudley is in?

  1. The Times has reported that BP is ready to begin deep water drilling off the coast of Libya. Wonder if that news will raise more than few eyebrows in the U.S.?

  2. That's not going to work.

  3. Hayward is a great man , It was his bad luck that it happened when he was the CEO , BP has the same policies and work ethics for a long time , American officials who allowed that to happen are the real culprits . Now they wanted Hayward to stop sleeping , eating and and taking shower , always crying for fat , obese and over fed fishermen who are threatened with extinction because of BP. I applaud him for the way he handled it and dealt with self righteous American politicians who grilled him and insulted him. Hayward deserves good pension , no one should be loosing sleep if he happens to be wealthier than the bunch of looser who have death wishes for him. Even if he was washing ducks on camera instead of doing what he did , Americans would not be loving him even a tiny bit more than they do now.