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“He always sleeps like that”

Two women try to board a flight with a dead wheelchair-bound man


After a 45 minute ride to Liverpool airport, a Germany-bound group of travellers was greeted by airport worker Andrew Millea. Anke Anusic asked for help lifting her elderly father from the car. “I did my best to help by carefully lifting the man from his seat,” Millea said. “To my horror his face fell sideways against mine, it was ice cold. I knew straight away that
the man was dead, but they reassured me that he ‘always sleeps like that.’ ” Millea immediately contacted security staff who tried to check the man’s pulse, but were ushered away by the two women. Widow Gitta Jarant insisted they had done nothing wrong. She and her stepdaughter were arrested on suspicion of failing to give notification of death.


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“He always sleeps like that”

  1. Reminds me of the Monty Python dead parrot sketch. Either that or Weekend at Bernie's.

  2. I'm always glad to see yet more confirmation from the twitter-brains of society that the modern generation is at least twice as stupid as all previous generations of the human species. We need to go back to homo habilis to find animals as stupid as the young folk walking around on our streets today.

    What the report does not describe (a reporting rhetorical trick of manipulation called 'exclusion', commonly termed 'a lie of omission) is the myriad very good reasons why people would try and transport the dead body of a relative out of a foreign country, back to their own homeland. Why two perfectly ordinary people would attempt such a desperate act is the story of the story, and no reporter makes any effort to report that.