He Scores!


You think you had a bad day yesterday?

Spare a moment for this poor Swiss defenseman, who just wanted to rim it around the boards.


(Gerber shoulda had it – beaten on the short side!)


He Scores!

  1. Jeez. That’s almost as embarrasing as this:


  2. The reminds me of the famous goal Belarus scored on Sweden’s Tommy Salo in the Olympics (I believe it was 2000.) Speaking as a bad goalies myself, I can tell you, long shots are deadly. They dip, they curve, they bounce, and they give you an eternity to think ‘don’t screw up, don’t screw up, don’t screw up.’ Of course, the more you hear that in your head, the higher the likelihood that you’re going to screw up.
    I once let in a goal from the red line while playing in the finals of a tournament at Maple Leaf Gardens. As I fished that puck out of the net, I swear I could hear crickets chirping.

  3. When the score is 5 zip, it doesn’t matter, might as well have fun.

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