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Head of federal gun program sent away ahead of vote on registry

Police association says timing of French language training is suspicious


RCMP Chief Supt. Marty Cheliak has been sent to French language training one month before parliament will debate a Conservative bill to scrap the long-gun registry. Cheliak, whose responsibility includes enforcing the Firearms Act, has united police associations across Canada in favour of keeping the firearms registry. Top-level police, including the president of the Canadian Police Association, Charles Momy, are questioning the timing of the decision. They say that Cheliak was moved as a warning to other police to keep quiet about the issue during September’s debate.

CBC News

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Head of federal gun program sent away ahead of vote on registry

  1. How astonishing! Surely the Government of Harper would never get rid of an inconvenient civil servant who happened to disagree with their stupid ideology!

    • Of course they would, just like the libs would.

      • Trying to excuse bad behaviour by the Stupid Conservatives by pretending the Liberals or anyone would behave just as badly is both dishonest and Stupid.

  2. The CBC broke this story last night. The CBC’s Brian Stewart was quoted on their website as saying “”They can’t really prove anything, but there’s a feeling here that Cheliak was too outspoken.” So, they admit there is no proof, and they base all their “facts” on “a feeling”. Another example of a non-news item from CBC that the rest of the MSM takes as fact.

    • Sending a high ranking police officer away for mandatory language training, when
      said officer is in charge of a programme the government is currently trying to kill is
      a blatantly callous move!

      Btw, you're doing a bang up job pretending to be an ostrich.
      Would you please pull your head out of your ass already?

    • Don Martin made a good point.

      "This job change came nine months after Supt. Cheliak was presumably interviewed and promoted to that position despite any linguistic shortcomings."

      He doesnt buy the move being non-political either.

  3. The guy was sent on a course. It isn't as if they fired the guy, or didn't renew his contract…

    Mountains, molehills?

    • Right.. 9 months after he was hired, when they presumably should have known back then he was unilingual.

      He becomes the chief critic in the RCMP of this move to kill the registry.. and all of a sudden, on the eve of a report he's to give to the Police Chiefs association, he gets sent on French immersion.

      It took them a year to figure out he wasnt qualified in French? Baloney.

      • It's worse than baloney,
        it's cynical, plain and simple!

      • This additional information was not available in the summary. Maybe next time I should RTFA?

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