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“Heading for disaster”

Sarkozy suggests keeping the Kyoto protocol as the Copenhagen negotiations fall apart


The European Union wants the U.N. Copenhagen climate talks to result in a new treaty that binds nations to climate actions, but French President Nicolas Sarkozy says that may be impossible. “We need to change track or we are heading for disaster,” he says. Sarkozy wants countries to switch direction and start seriously negotiating a compromise. And keeping the Kyoto protocol, which the conference was designed to replace, may be the best option available. Developing nations have stalled the talks because they don’t want new treaty that would require them to take action on climate change. They prefer to keep the protocol, which requires them to do nothing. Sarkozy says there’s still hope for replacing Kyoto, but that it won’t happen at Copenhagen.


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“Heading for disaster”

  1. Is anyone actually surprised, if you want a treaty that requires you to do nothing why would you even bother coming. I don't think that climate change means diddly squat (nor should we expect it to) to people who are worried about where their next meal is coming from (even if the ocean coast is closer to their house this year), so there is absolutely no pressure on the leaders of developing countries from the inside. The only way to go, is to massively ramp up research funding to a point where the green technology can actually compete in terms of cost with carbon alternatives. That way you will not have to convince anyone, they will just buy the cheaper renewable alternative. It means big money to work on negotiated limits and complicated carbon trading schemes that most countries will just ignore or downsize; its money better spent on bottom up solutions.

  2. Follow the money. France electricty generation is 85% nuclear. Carbon tax will handicap Germany and other parts of Europe