Health Canada issues warning about cellphone radiation

Agency recommends parents limit their kids’ exposure to the devices


Health Canada is calling on parents to limit their children’s use of cell phones, for fear the resulting exposure to radiation could be harmful. The warning comes despite the health agency’s own admission that “there is currently a lack of scientific information regarding the potential health impacts of cell phones on children,” and that currently available evidence is “far from conclusive.” The warning follows a decision by the cancer arm of the World Health Organization to classify the radiation from cellphones as “possibly carcinogenic” to humans.

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Health Canada issues warning about cellphone radiation

  1. Science be damned!! 

    Down with technology, up with fear-mongering.

  2. I’ve never heard of pay phone cancer because it doesn’t exist.  So put a payphone on every single streetncorner and then we can be done with this cell phone madness!

  3. My hunch is that these scientists and physicians are covering their backsides in case at some point in the future it turns out that a link is found between cell phone use and brain tumors. However, that is not the way good research works.  You don’t report that their “might” be a causal relationship unless you have good evidence to support your claim.  Just be straightford and say “despite X number of research studies, no causal link has been found to date but research continues”.  They could even suggest that concerned people, use a Bluetooth or ear phone for their children.  If I am not mistaken, twenty years ago there was the same fear over aspartame causing problems for childrens’ brains.  That of course proved to be unfounded.

    • Aspartame converts to aspartic acid in the body. It readily crosses the blood brain barrier in children. You obviously have not done your research.  Also, a good friend of our family is a pediatric oncologist, just about to retire. He told me when he started his career, business was slow and he was ‘broke’. He said in the past 10 years his client list has grown to the point that he is turning patients away. To what does he attribute this? Cell phone use.

      • Also, the WHO has classified cellphones as a category 2B risk for cancer.

        • Yes, the World Health Organization has said cell phone use “might” cause cancer but again they have no supporting evidence.

      • Mia, I was just looking at the livestrong.com site about aspartame, which was “invented” in 1965. Are you referring to claims that aspartame causes behavioral problems?

        • Your friend, the pediatric oncologist, should to do a study revealing all of his patients who have gotten brain tumors? from cell phones.  I am not suggesting that cell phones don’t cause brain tumors, I am just saying that the studies have not proven a causative effect.  If your friend has patients and can prove such an effect, he should publish his findings.

  4. It’s true that there is not enough conclusive research to determine how deep the risk runs (or if it’s present at all). In the meantime, one option is to at the very least monitor your cell phone’s radiation level and make some small but significant changes in the moment, before or during a call. For instance – wearing a headset, avoiding making calls in elevators or other hard-for-signal-to-reach places, or changing the phone’s landscape/portrait orientation.

    FYI, tawkon is a free mobile app (Android, Blackberry, iPhone-pending) that detects the level and alerts you as to what you can do to lower it in the moment. If you’d like to check it out – tawkon.com.

  5. ive notice my leg gets itchy when i leave my phone in my pocket throughout the day.. i think from the batteries radiation..

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