Health Minister says government will not fund MS therapy trial -

Health Minister says government will not fund MS therapy trial

Report by expert panel unanimously rejected therapy proposed by Italian doctor


Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq announced Wednesday that the Canadian government will not fund a clinical trial of the “liberation therapy” for multiple sclerosis at this time. Aglukkaq commissioned an expert panel’s report from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the MS Society of Canada, who unanimously recommended against supporting a clinical trial of the treatment in Canada as yet. Italian doctor Pablo Zamboni proposed liberation therapy as a response to an unproven theory of chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency—that blocked veins in the neck or spine are to blame for MS.


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Health Minister says government will not fund MS therapy trial

  1. CCSVI is a big story in MS research but the other, possibly bigger story, is how the MS Society and the current MS medical professionals ignored research showing a venous connection in MS for years, and how they have been working so very hard to discredit CCSVI since that W5 episode in November of 2009 hit them between the eyes.

    Perhaps I'm being optimistic (and petty) but I think that the bigger story is starting to break. I hope so. MS sufferers need a break.

    • If they have not done a trial how do they know it does not work?

      • CCSVI doesn't fit the auto-immune model that the current MS medical establishments accept, research and have built careers on. When CCSVI proves out (and it will), their professional accomplishments, all those heart-lifting "we're coming close to a cure!" news releases will seem all quaint and ignorant dark agey, kind of how like we look at old medical treatments like bleeding, lobotomies and so forth.

        I know that there's a school of thought that suggests that the root cause of their scorn is money. While that's probably at least somewhat true, I think that a larger part of the resistance comes from ego.

  2. How can so many people be so cold and short sighted? I bet they would think differently if they were affected by MS! I too remain optimistic, and agree it is time MS sufferers got a break!

    • Is it possible that lobby money is playing a role in the opposition to the trials. There are serious losses of income for some if CCVSI works. Makes one think does it not.

  3. It must be time for Canadian media to do the right thing by investigating the worldwide picture of CCSVI treatment. My reasearch over the past months reveals that while Canada stews in a putrid mess of politicization and misinformation, the rest of the world is moving steadily forward with successful investigation and treatment of CCSVI. Please, give our public this information, now!

  4. MS Society employees who are secretly cheering us on (and I know there are some), need to take a stand and go on stress leave. They need to abandon the MS Society in droves. The MS Society higher ups and the neurologists are causing these people just as much stress as they are causing MS'ers who they are supposed to be helping. Companies who are supporting the MS Society need to send letters to them withdrawing their support. There are people out there who cannot afford to go for this procedure, these companies need to find these people and anonymously donate money to their cause that they would have donated to the MS Society. 100% of these donations would truly go to help an MS'er instead of 48% going for administrative salaries. A simple donation could make all the difference in the world to someone's Quality of Life. It doesn't matter that this is not a cure! We know it isn't. But we also know that our Quality of Life is hugely altered after having the procedure and for most of us, that's all we want.

  5. *quietly shuffles out of the CCSVI Treatment Supporters Forum*