Health care bill expected to pass: top Democrat -

Health care bill expected to pass: top Democrat

Session opens ahead of historic U.S. health care reform vote


President Barack Obama’s historic health care bill is expected to have enough votes to pass late Sunday, according to U.S. House of Representatives Democratic caucus chair Steny Hoyer. However, Florida Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz disagrees, saying that Democrats do not yet have the “hard” 216 votes needed to pass the bill. Republican House Leader John Boehner told NBC’s Meet the Press that Republicans will repeal the reforms, if they pass, if they secure a majority in Congress in November’s mid-term election. Republicans fault the plan with setting the U.S. on track to higher taxes and greater deficits.

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Health care bill expected to pass: top Democrat

  1. Will MacLean's charity case Mark Steyn's head explde?. We can only hope

  2. woo hoo, Ameicans may have almost universal health care around 40 years after us ! Next thing you know they will want gun control and then they will want to adopt Quebec and they will be just like us

  3. Never before has a major piece of legislation passed without a scentilla of bipartisan support.

    Never before has such important legislation passed despite a clear plurality of opposition.

    There won't be many Dems left standing this upcoming November. Let them celebrate tonight, because the hangover is going to be a doosie.

  4. Yes,

    soon Americans will have to wait years for elective surgery, and months for urgent surgery,

    just like us.

    Soon all Americans, not just the 15% or so, will have hallway medicine,

    just like all of us. Entering the hospital last month, to watch row upon row of the sick and elderly stripped of their humanity and dignity as they lined the hallways as strangers busily strode past them,

    was a sight to behold.

    • right because in a private system, those who can't afford that surgery or that treatment, they have tons, i would say, TOO MUCH dignity and humanity, when they're left to suffer.

      Did you ever stop to think that maybe there are few people in those hallways that are simply happy that they are indeed being treated and cared for, as opposed to left on the streets to rot away? hmmm. something to think about.

      • Hey Buddy, you might want to really get educated on the US Heath Care issue before you beak off like this. I'm not going to take the time to prove your drivel wrong here..(which is easy) so get on it….

  5. Actually,

    those who can't afford it, have our system.

    The vast majority go to hospitals that look nothing like ours. (I take it that rather than spending time in the US you get your info from the CBC).

    Like all things socialist, all will be equally worse off in their new system.

    • You are so right! The Americans have just made their second big mistake! The first was electing this Obama guy!

      • No Rob, America's biggest mistake was going into Iraq to find WMD's (thanks, W), their second biggest mistake was electing W for a second term thus continuing an annual 'defense' budget north of $600 billion and the third was some 30 years of deregulating banking in the U.S. But, yes, your sooooo right, it will be America finally joining the rest of the developed world with a universal health care system that will bankrupt the nation.