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Heart attack survivors avoid sex

Study says survivors fear it could kill them


Heart attack survivors tend to avoid sex out of the fear that it could kill them, according to U.S. researchers, who told an American Heart Association meeting that survivors were most likely to avoid it if their doctor didn’t talk to them about sex. In a study of 1,700 people, lead researcher Dr. Stacy Tessler Lindau found the chance of dying during sex was “really small,” the BBC reports. In the study of 1,184 men and 576 women who had survived heart attacks, they were assessed one month after the event and then again a year later. Patients who’d been instructed on resuming sexual activity after discharge from the hospital were more likely to have sex in the following year.

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Heart attack survivors avoid sex

  1. I had an Heart Attack in 2001 when I was 48 years and after having the attack I had sex with my wife thank GOD I came out safely but then my wifegave me divorce in 2007 since then I have not had sex what I am trying to tell that you need to have sex on week ends or maybe twice in a week but do not come to the conculsion that you can have sex every day. ADIL BADSHAH from Pakistan.

  2. one word – Abstincence!

    • I think if you use common sense, and do not go at it like a Chimpanzee on speed you will probably make out all right, besides if I am going to have another heart attack , I can not think of a better place I would rather be !!!