Heated and nasty exchange ends with Trudeau boxing victory

Considering the results and a bleeding nose, perhaps Brazeau wishes he had fought Justin Trudeau’s father


Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau was clobbered by Liberal MP Justin Trudeau at the annual charity boxing match Fight for the Cure 2012. Brazeau had trash-talked Trudeau at the weigh-in a few days earlier at the Aulde Dubliner & Pour House, blaming the MP for Papineau for everything his father did including the National Energy Program.

Brazeau, who was born in 1974, even went on to say, “I remember the 1969 White Paper when your father wanted to take our rights away, I’m going to give you so many rights you won’t even believe it.”

Things got heated and nasty. Trudeau noted: “Mr. Brazeau seems to be under the mistaken impression he is fighting my father.” Considering the results and a bleeding nose, perhaps Brazeau wishes he had.

On the day of the fight Trudeau ate normally and then mostly watermelon from 5pm until the fight. A whole melon was in the dressing room.

Since he had begun training for the event Trudeau had put on 20 pounds. His shirt collars are now too tight and he can’t do up the top button. Brazeau says his weight pretty much remained the same. Brazeau, who is 5-feet-10 weighed in at 183 pounds, while Trudeau, who is 6-foot-2, was 180 pounds. Tory MP Patrick Brown, who was at the weigh-in, said he would also be happy to battle Trudeau so long as it was on ice and they were wearing skates and hockey equipment.

Bal Gosal, Minister of State for Sport, noted this was one sports event where he would not remain neutral and sported a Brazeau T-shirt which said Patrick “Brazzknuckles” Brazeau.

As part of the humility of losing to Trudeau, Brazeau was required to wear a Liberal jersey for a week. The Senator has said he wants a re-match with the Montreal MP. $230,000 was raised for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.


Heated and nasty exchange ends with Trudeau boxing victory

  1. May Brazeau wait as long for a rematch as I have waiting for “accountability” from the Harper government

  2. Way to go you mauler JT. But let the senator keep his locks – it’s part of his heritage. Show a little more respect than he showed for your family name

  3. I still find it hard to take Mr. Trudeau seriously, but I’ll admit he impressed me by taking this fight in the first place, and winning it with class is even better.  Following his well-handled apology for the outburst in the HoC, the man is growing on me.  

    As for Mr. Brazeau….what a blowhard.  The man is an embarrassment to the Senate, and these days that’s no mean accomplishment.