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Hebrew University on the Hill


The Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem held a special reception on the Hill to celebrate Canadian-Israeli partnerships. Below, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development Diane Finley with her husband, Senator Doug Finley.


(Left to right) Sammy Katz, Transport Minister John Baird and Tyler Golden.


Carmi Gillon, vice-president of external relations for The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Treasury Board president Stockwell Day (right).


Tory MP Patrick Brown.


Tory MP Brian Jean.


Tory staffer Jonah Mozeson.


The entertainment and food.


Hebrew University on the Hill

  1. No one else invited but Tories? And, I see Charles McVety is there.

  2. I'm sure members of the other parties were invited, but probably had other things to do, like attending a Palestinian street demonstration.

    • so pathetic.

      • Hey Richard and OT, you want sick and pathetic, try this on for size: Denis Coderre and Gilles Duceppe along with former PQ Leader André Coderre found plenty of time to attend a virulently anti-Israel rally in Montreal in 2006. The parade and rally was littered with Hezbollah flags. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization.

        "…the march was a virulently anti-Israel rally, and scattered amongst the crowd were a number of Hezbollah flags and placards. Leading the parade were Bloc Quebecois chief Gilles Duceppe, Liberal MP Denis Coderre, PQ chief Andre Boisclair, and Amir Khadir, spokesman for the new far-left provincial party, Solidarite Quebec."

        • Ya know jarrid, being critical of the Israeli gov't does not automatically make one a neo-nazi. I know you guys like to pretend that it's so, but it's not.

          that's what I call sick and pathetic.

          • He never mentioned Nazi. He just stated that the left has more sympathies for the Palestinian cause than the Israeli one.

            That is true for the reasons of legitimate criticism of Israeli policies, but it is mostly as a legacy from the days when supporting Palestinians was a support for Arab socialism.

          • Utter BS – you should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Don't give me that old straw man argument Richard. Of course one can take a critical stance on a country's poltiical stances and disagree with it. And of course that includes Israel. However, you do need to be careful who you associate yourself with Richard. I wouldn't be caught dead in a crowd littered with Hezbollah flags. And neither should Denis Coderre or anyone else. Hezbollah are neo-nazis.

          • Fair enough, I'm sure you felt precisely the same way when people published photographs of "Tea Party" activists with signs depicting Obama with a Hitler moustache right?

            The beliefs of some in a group naturally held by the whole right?

            Good to know.

          • Can you share one of your criticisms about Israel?

          • Should be bring up old Kenney stories on this? Give it a rest already. You just want to be combative and argumentive – for the sake of it – boring!

        • Sick and pathetic to keep vomiting up old stuff. It's so tired now.