Hedy Fry upset over drag queen’s lip liner


While in Toronto, Liberal MP Hedy Fry (Vancouver Centre) stopped by the city’s premier gay bar Woody’s to check out the drag shows. She is seen here with Daytona Bitch (the one with bigger hair).



Fry with Bobby Crowder, who moved to Toronto from Vancouver. When he saw Fry he told her he was one of the cowboys on her gay Pride float in Vancouver back when she had a Brokeback Mountain theme.



Back in Vancouver, Fry was made an honorary Empress of Canada by Ted Northe, who is the drag queen Empress of Canada and part of a North American drag court system. Fry was recognized for her extensive work in helping the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities. Fry tipped the Toronto queens and noted that when you give them the money you are supposed to bow as is the Vancouver tradition.

Fry tips Daytona.



Fry tips Michelle Ross.



Fry tips Donnarama.



Fry felt Georgie Girl wore too much lip liner. “I just want to go and wipe it off,” said the MP.



Hedy Fry upset over drag queen’s lip liner

  1. She is seen here with Daytona Bitch (the one with bigger hair).

    Careful. Dana Millbank and Ryan Chiliza lost the execrable Mouthpiece Theatre for implying that Hilary Clinton was a bitch.

  2. I am equally upset by that drag queen's lip liner. Georgie Girl must have found one of those wax lip candies that they used to sell twenty years ago.

  3. I wanna see a drag version of Diana Ablonczy!

  4. Hedy is indeed wise. It's not 1995 Georgie Girl! Nude liner, please!

  5. With all do respect to trailblazer Enza, what would be a good name for a drag queen politician? Hmmmm…

    Membera Parle-Lament
    Helda High-Office
    Krista Flora Commons (would wear pant suits like Belinda)

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