Helena Guergis meets Kid in the Hall Scott Thompson


Helena Guergis, Minister of State (Status of Women), was recently in Toronto. Her visit was part of a series of meetings across the country with stakeholders to share their thoughts and ideas for the government’s upcoming Federal Action Plan for Women. While on Queen Street West, Guergis bumped into Scott Thompson (left) and Paul Bellini. Thompson and the rest of The Kids in the Hall are working on a new mini-series which Bellini is helping to write.



Helena Guergis meets Kid in the Hall Scott Thompson

  1. Is Guergis in charge of any funding that could get yanked as a result of her being photographed in public with Thompson?


    Somebody had to be the first to ask!

    • Don't worry, all funding to her riding will be cut soon.

    • She's Minister of State for Status of Women. I doubt if she has any funding.

  2. I'm not used to seeing Bellini wearing clothes, instead of a towel! :)

    • So…Guergis has apparently won the 20th Anniversary edition of Touch Paul Bellini?

  3. Hey McVety, it's happening again! Gay people out in the streets!

  4. Guergis has spent practising for this very moment with moore and baird…

  5. Is she pregnant?

  6. from Wikipedia:
    When running for provincial office in 2003 in the socially liberal riding of Trinity—Spadina, Guergis said that she would vote in favour of same-sex marriage if given the opportunity. Responding to a question on same-sex marriage at an all-candidates debate, she said, "I believe in the right to choose, so I would be voting in favour of it."

    Campaigning the following year in the socially conservative riding of Simcoe—Grey, Guergis said that she would vote against the federal government's proposed legalization of same-sex marriage. She argued that the majority of her constituents opposed the initiative, and that she was committed to supporting their views. Guergis did in fact vote against Bill C-38, which granted legal sanction to same-sex marriage, in 2005.

  7. The Peter Principle is so 70's. It cries to be revised.

  8. You spoiled the surprise. I'm sure she was going to cover it all in her next ten percenter.

  9. Hey McVety, it's happening again! Gay people out in the streets!