He’ll be back

Arnold Schwarzenegger announces return to the silver screen


Former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger is planning a comeback—in Hollywood, that is. “Exciting news,” the 63-year-old wrote on Twitter. “My friends at CAA (Creative Artists Agency, his talent firm) have been asking me for 7 years when they can take offers seriously. Gave them the green light today.” The actor-turned-politician finished his second term as governor last month, leading to speculation as to whether he’d continue in politics or resume his acting career in Hollywood.


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He’ll be back

  1. Thank goodness, We haven't had a good all around Hero since John Wayne passed away …..He said he'd be …'' back ! ''

  2. Lousy governor and lousy actor.

    • But what an awesome Hero.

  3. Maybe we can finally get that "King Conan" movie done! Been waiting for that for lonnnngggggg time! :)

    • I was thinking…G.I.Joe..''.The All Amurican Heero ! ''

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